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 Im not gonna lie, normally I dont mind a bit of coriander but one day just making some pasta with pesto I was almost ill. Turns out my mother bought coriander pesto instead of normal basil pesto. Avoid it like the plague - its horrible.

- Liam    Dublin
  Ireland (Republic of)


 It's nasty,ruins everything it comes in contact with.

- Ron Hale    Chicago, IL
  United States


 Cilantro killed my father and married my mother. I have never been the same since...

- Parsley    Herbtown, AZ
  United States


 My pet bunny loves cilantro but I've never tried it. Next time I get him some I've gotta try it just to see what all this fuss is about. Maybe I'll be joining your community next week. lol.

- Christy    Lansing, MI
  United States


 My parents put parsley/cilantro in some stuff. In the vegan things I eat usually. I hate it, I really don't like the taste ew. I avoid it as much as possible.

- Carolina    La Cuntz, FL
  United States


 this one time my exfriend jacob william musal force fed me cilanto and i died.

- Rick    Brunswick, OH
  United States


 I hate cilantro... Sometimes I quiver at the sight of it! One time... I was too scared to eat at a Mexican restaurant because they served it in their RICE!!!!!!

- Alberto     Anchorage, AK
  United States


 I know people love the stuff but to me it tastes like some fertilizer soaked weed.

It tastes so bad it is worrysome, like a poison.

- B    Los Angeles, CA
  United States


 I personally do not have a story about Cilantro (if I've ever tried it, I honestly can't remember), but I thought you should know that this website made it into Uncle John's Funniest Ever Bathroom Reader in 2013. I do not mean this in the context that this website is a joke, but that some people find it funny that it exists. I am going to continue staying away from cilantro, as I haven't had any to begin with, simply because it seems 4,435 other people would encourage me to. Keep on hating the plant!

- J. Leverich    Wellington, KS
  United States


 I was at a diner, and my salmon burger had disgusting amounts of Cilantro on it!

- Marley    
  United States


 I cannot believe there is a site dedicated to the hatred of cilantro! I just Googled "cilantro smells like body odor and this site came up. Ha ha. It stinks. I hate it. I think taco bell uses it too. I always thought their tomatoes taste like soap. Nasty nasty stuff.

- Debbie    Steelville, MO
  United States


 Cilantro killed my father during the great cleansing if Roderigo-snachez along with 6.9 other people. My name is inigomontoya and cilantro killed my father prepare to die

- Inigomontoya    Coppell, TX
  United States


 I can't remember my first run in witch Cilantro, but I can assure you I was grossed out. So I avoided it, take it out of my food. I'n fact, I was just going to eat my favorite Tai Noodles my mom ordered and there it was, EVIL CILANTRO so what i ususally do is take it out, but with I heated the noodles the next day, it smelled so bad because of the cilantro.

- BloodyMangle(Brithey    Torrance, CA
  United States


 I was at an Applebee's, I had ordered a shrimp dish. Something kept tasting atrocious and I didn't have a clue why. I kept sending the dish back with no luck. I didn't know until chipotle boomed what cilantro was and that the taste made me physically ill. God bless chipotle for having cilantro free rice at all times.

- Candace Bordner    Mechanicsburg, PA
  United States


 The fact that there is no, or should lend credence to the fact there are alot of us that HATE the vile weed cilantro. When a waitress says "you can't taste it" or "there isn't that much" I come unhinged! give me a friggin break. This stuff is disgusting and belongs in the dumpster or on the SIDE!

- Paul    Charlotte, NC
  United States


 My mother is a stinkin' cilanto-loving old woman, and when I was an innocent, impressionable child, she fed my guinea pig cilantro.

He died instantly.

Cilantro kills!

- Lauren    San Antonio, TX
  United States


 As if I needed another reason to hate cilantro. According to an article on Esquire's website, The FDA just issued a dire warning about cilantro grown in Mexico. Apparently they found human feces and toilet paper in cilantro fields.

  United States


 Well, ever since i was a smallll child i HATED the disgusting taste of the horrible herb. Cilantro is byfar the WORST thing anybody could put on delicious food such as salsa, burritos, tacos, and taquitos. Those are litterally my favorite foods, but if there is any sight of any cilantro, bye bye delicious food :) in the GARBAGE!

- Tyler    Madera, CA
  United States


 There are plenty of edible plants on this planet. Why do people insist on tainting a perfectly good meal with such toxic nonsense? And then they claim they like it?? Ridiculous. I lose respect for people who claim such things. There is no way on earth that anyone could really like that dirt flavored soap tasting asparaguspee aftertaste "seasoning".

... And it needs to stop masquerading itself as parsley in the supermarket. It's giving the other useless seasoning a bad name.

- Mariana    Colorado Springs, CO
  United States


 The thing that sucks the most about cilantro or coriander is it ruins my favorite things.... Beer,Mexican,Asian, and Indian foods. It also gets old explaining to people how terrible it tastes to me.

- Dylan    Newburyport, MA
  United States


 When I try to tell people about my dislike for cilantro, they think I'm just being picky. But I really feel like this is different. When I try to eat cilantro, it's like my body is giving me a signal that I'm eating something poisonous. Does anyone else feel the same?

- Katja    Oslo


 i really have never had heard of cilantro. what is it? p.s. im only 9 and i just read this site from the bathroom reader unsinkable 21st edition

- James    Nowhere
  United States


 When I gather the strength I will share my vile, disgusting experience. For now I am just to happy to find support with you community...Thank You, Thank You

  United States


 I just really don't like cilantro, okay?

- Eric Mojica    Suwanee, GA
  United States


 Every time I eat something with cilantro in it, I end up vomiting violently for several hours.

So I'm starting to think I'm allergic to it. Plus the taste never did anything for me anyway. So maybe the cilantro should consider @&^*ING OFF! :P

- Heaz    Reading, PA
  United States


 When I was 5 years old, my mom was cooking. She asked me to smell the cilantro because she thought it smelled good. I smelled it and threw up instantly. I've never been able to eat it since.

- Andrew    Tufts University
  United States


 Today I accidentally ate cilantro/coriander/thefuckingdisgustingherb. I am feeling sick and nauseous right now. I don't know what to do. Is there anything that I can eat to forget its taste? I tried chocolate, but now chocolate tastes weird too. Does cilantro destroy my sense of taste forever? I think I am going crazy!!!

- Kiwi    New York, NY
  United States


 I've never liked Cilantro. I can detect even small amounts in a dish that I wouldn't have suspected of having cilantro. Everyone always thought I was strange, because they love it. I thought it tasted like dirty dishwater. Now I feel vindicated because I just read a report that states that cilantro contains some of the same aldehydes (?) that are found in soap and people with a certain gene can detect that taste.

  United States


 IHC members:

If you would like to participate in the cilantro survey
below, please send your responses to: bobmck6 "at"

This may appear on other cilantro related sites.

I would like to gather a bit of statistical information, primarily from those who dislike cilantro. Those who either definitely like it or are indifferent to it are welcome, but please so state if you are in one of those categories.

The research indicating a genetic pre-disposition to cilantro aversion makes me wonder if that can be correlated with other foods/herbs that provoke strong negative reactions. We are all aware of the important connection between taste and aroma, so some questions here point in that direction. Finally, adverse food combinations are explored a bit.

Trying to rank one's likes/dislikes is obviously very subjective; but, if you wish to include such in your own comments, feel free.


(1). Did you ever find cilantro palatable, but now don't? Or vice-versa?

(2). Did you ever consume some cilantro (knowingly or not, beforehand) which didn't seem so bad because you were congested or had a bad cold?

(3). Are some food combinations palatable, but adding cilantro (in any amount) makes them unpalatable? If so, which combinations?

(4). Are all parts of the plant unpalatable, or are you aware of only certain parts (leaves, stems, seeds, coriander powder) causing taste/aroma problems?

(5). Do you find parsley (not Chinese parsley) palatable?

(6). Name a few aromas, not necessarily foods, that you find objectionable or nauseating.

For (7) through (13): all refer to food items which you dislike to a degree similar to your dislike for cilantro...

(7). Name any animal proteins.

(8). Name any herbs/spices.

(9). Name any vegetables.

(10). Name any fruits.

(11). Name any dairy products.

(12). Name any grains.

(13). Name any combinations of (7) through (12). [Personal example: a (10)/(11) combination for me is cantaloupe and most any dairy product; cantaloupe can always be eaten last, but eating it prior to milk, yogurt, or ice cream leaves an unpalatable taste. Yet, cantaloupe is just fine with other melon fruits.]

(14). Gender?

(15). Do you cook for yourself?

I will try to publish some form of conclusions if enough responses lead to statistically meaningful data.

- Bob    Middletown, CA
  United States


 Oh this one time I ate cilantro without knowing it and actually loved it, until I realized... it was CILANTRO. NOOOOOOOO. I hate Cilantro, HOW was this so amazing, I just can't comprehend.

- Ma Ja    Louisville, KY
  United States


 My doctor told me an aversion to cilantro is linked to a gene. If you have the gene, you also pick up an odor from ozone others can't smell. Ozone-producing "air cleaners" are as noxious to cilantro haters as...cilantro. Who knew?

- Jennifer    Boston, MA
  United States


 I just finshed a dissected burrito from Green Burrito (scraped off the salsa). I asked in the drive-thru if the grilled chicken burrito had cilantro on it and was told NO. When I started eating it today at lunch, I detected that awful taste and inspected it. There it was in the salsa that they put on. I called them and they offered a refund, but I told them just to inform their employees that some people are allergic to items that they ask to be left off their food. The woman seemed to understand the concern and promised to train the crew.

- Ronster    Long Beach, CA
  United States


 I am currently in the US on holiday. I encountered this stuff all over a take out pizza I had yesterday. Totally ruined as it was the only thing I could taste.
Thank god we don't have this in UK!

- Tom    Brighton
  United Kingdom


 Trader Joe's has been forced to recall horrific tasting cilantro:

- Kevin    San Francisco, CA
  United States


 This stuff is terrible. It tastes like soap. I spent years thinking mexican places hadn't rinsed their salsa dishes enough, but then I eventually, after many years, realized it was this terrible thing. I knew I wasn't crazy!

- Greg    Fairbanks, AK
  United States


 Wow, what a funny site!

I hate Cilantro forever in my life! It destroys the food, wherever it is, I only taste cilantro and nothing else! Terrible!!!!!!

I went once in Vienna to a Sushi restaurant and one of the sushi had cilantro, this was very new to me, usually Japan don't use cilantro? Its more obvious for Mexican or Thai food!

Burn this herb forever! UGH!

- Fifi    New York, NY
  United States


 I had no idea that others hated cilantro as much as I do! I was just eating an herb salad that they sneaked cilantro into, thinking... "Man, Cilantro really P***es me off sometimes!"

Thank you!

- Nick    New York, NY
  United States


 So last week i was sitting there in a resturaunt. It was a very nice day. I thouhgt nothing would ruin it. Until, the man came out with my salad. In it he had placed cilantro. It was so vile i couldnt stand it. I tried to eat it, seeing that i was with my children, but i couldnt. It tasted like someone had stuck a bar of soap in my salad. Now i have to go to the store and buy our herbs becasue my wife doesnt know that i hate cilantro

- Greg    Newark, NJ
  United States


 I will actually pick the MINISCULE pieces of it out of most of the Mexican food I get here in LA - my husband thinks Im crazy - he used to tease me about it, but now he just accepts my melodramatic gagging whenever I taste food with cilantro in it -- and its EVERYWHERE - especially pseudo-haute-couture food

  United States


 All of my friends love this garbage. Over the past several years, my house has been infested with stinkbugs. And I don't go to mexican restaurants anymore because all of their food is loaded with this stinkbug flavoring agent. I simply do not understand why anyone eats this. It tastes like hell. I try to tell all my friends and they just don't know what I mean. They don't see the similarities. I hate cilantro. A lot.

- Nick    Richmond, VA
  United States


 In a television interview in 2002, Larry King asked Julia Child which foods she hated. She responded: “Cilantro and arugula I don’t like at all. They’re both green herbs, they have kind of a dead taste to me.”

“So you would never order it?” Mr. King asked.

“Never,” she responded. “I would pick it out if I saw it and throw it on the floor.”

- Amy    New York, NY
  United States


 I am going to make a sad confession that I am probably in a large part responsible for the introduction of cilantro into the USA. 20 Years ago, I had a friend from Peru who kept lamenting the fact that she loved and missed cilantro in this country because it was such a part of her diet in lima. I, not knowing even what the stuff smelled or tasted like, but wanting to help her, and knowing that corianger was the seed of cilantro,(don't ask me how I knew that, but I had acquired that knowledge somewhere) I suggested that she buy some coriander in the grocery store and if it hadn't been heat treated the way nutmeg seeds are to prevent planting and growing, she could grow some cinlantro herself. The friend did not have land of her own, but she borrowed a garden plot from a neighbor and proceeded to plant the coriander. Low and behold, there grew rows and rows of tall cinlantro plants covering the whole plot! The neighbor was horrified and complained to me that "the damn stuff is covering the coutryside!" I fear that from that beginning, before anyone in the US had heard of the plague, that I was a guilty party in proligerating the dreaded green horror. I hate cinlantro!
It is beyond my understanding why so much food now contains this miserable nasty tasting weed.

- Marjorie Post    Portland, OR
  United States


 I just bought a can of spray on pet repellent to stop my cat from eating my houseplants. I sprayed it on my fern and all of a sudden, the scent filled my apartment. What scent might you ask? CILANTRO!!! The stuff is so nasty they put it in pet repellent now. Needless to say I evacuated myself to another room until the smell dissipates. Ew

  United States


 Cilantro vs Chipmunk
As far as cilantro goes, I am not a big fan, but I use it sparingly in certain foods. But, there's a chipmunk in my yard who absolutely hates it. I have a extra large flower pot for growing herbs just outside the kitchen door. Last year, I planted my usual 8 herb plants which included cilantro. A few days later, came home from work and found the cilantro plant on the ground next to the flower pot. I stuck it back in and watered it a bit. Next morning it had perked up. I went to work, came home and again, the cilantro plant is on the ground. This went on day after day for more than a week, until I decided to put the plant in its own pot up on shelf. Finally, it was able to grow. This past spring, again I included cilantro, hoping the chipmunk would ignore it. No such luck, three days after planting the herbs, the cilantro was gone. Couldn't find it anywhere. So I gave up, no more cilantro in my herb garden.
Which isn't a big deal, since I'm not fond of it. So in addition to the 3,000+ members who hate cilantro, you can add one little chipmunk from Illinois. Gail

- Gail Kalin    Glenview, IL
  United States


 At some point in my 20s I made the mistake of ordering a breakfast burrito from Taco Bell. This was back when they did breakfast, which they don't do any more. Well, I took a big bite and this horrible rancid taste that reminded me of the smell of a rancied dish cloth filled my mouth. I spat the offending bite out and returned to the Taco Bell to inform them that something was terribly wrong with the burrito. The manager informed me that nothing was amiss - it was just CILANTRO. Ughh!!! It has to be the worst taste in the world! Now, When I go to a Mexican restaurant, I ask for cilantro -free salsa, which they usually don't have, or spend my time picking the cilantro out of everything. Why would anybody eat that stuff??

- Amee    Fort Wayne, IN
  United States


 I don't know why cilantro is so in vogue. For such a little leaf, it packs a whole lot of nastiness. Good God, it's everywhere. I'm surprised Breyer's hasn't made an ice cream flavor out of it yet. I do give props to The Food Network. One of the chefs (can't remember the show) was preparing a recipe that had cilantro but she acknowledged that some people don't like it and suggested using parsley instead. I just so appreciated that. Anyway, I regret not being able to order ceviche in a restaurant. It's full of that green monster, and picking it out a leaf at a time looks a little OCD. I find that most places are very accommodating in leaving it out on request.

- Lori RN    Baltimore, MD
  United States


 My first run in with cilantro happened a few years ago. I was eating breakfast at a restaurant and given salsa with cilantro. Well I seem to be allergic to the nasty stuff. I causes me to spend a day or two in great pain. I feel like the entire football team used me to practice kicking. It is not bad enough that it stinks and tasts nasty, but it also causes me great pain. I cannot sit, stand or lay down in peace. Everything hurts. Ban it!!! Burn it!!!

- Roxanne Saavedra    Coolidge, AZ
  United States


 My first run with the awful herb was in Pico de gallo. I am not sure when the switch from parsley was made, but it turned me off one of my favorite Mexican salads. I admit I have been around too many years and the world changes, but the growing use of this disgusting plant is by far one of the worst I have encountered. Good Chefs are falling under the influence of the dreaded plant. To replace parsley with cilantro is akin to suggesting Annie Green Springs as fine dinner wine.

- Richard    St. Augustine, FL
  United States


 Well I just tried to muddle it per some online recipe directions curious to know if the freshness I've come to expect from it would shine in a drink I was planning. Boiling it had produced a hideously vegetal wet rag aroma followed by a yukky soggy vegetable taste.

Muddling it, even with sugar, did not help.

Shaking it with ice cubes and sugar, also no go.

This surprised me since I love cilantro, but know my hubby hates it so I searched around and found your site. I guess for me it is only a crucial ingredient for salsa's and guacamole. I can't imagine them without it.

Finally, I tried it straight from the freeze dried container and blamed this newfangled preservation method for such a surprisingly horrible experience. Still gross!

Thanks to this site I now can reason that the chile might have made it wonderful to me for salsa's and dips, but horrid to my hubby in any way shape or form.

I'm swearing off of it for home use and will only partake of it (on my plate only) when dining out. Out of solidarity for the one's I love.

- Cilantro Lover    Los Angeles, CA
  United States


 UGH, so I thought I was the only one who hates "Sushi" and now IHATECILANTRO comes along, it gives me ideas! Maybe I'm not alone on that either?

I loathe the gross "herb"! It is used too much in everything from Mexican to Asian food. I don't taste "soap" like others do - so much as it tastes like body odor smells. Small amounts, very small amounts in salsa is OK when paired with onion, tomato and olive oil with a dash of citrus but I usually end up picking out the heaping whole green fronds and slinging them aside.

I'm now asking whether or not "cilantro" is MIXED in or added to a dish. That way I'll skip the order and go to something else where it can be omitted. I simply say NO CILANTRO! I don't get its appeal for so many people and the way chefs use it willy nilly as if it's suppose to add to the dish. Just the opposite, it usually overwhelms the dish. Take one bite with a shred of it and the food is ruined.

What's weird is that Cilantro raw tastes much worse than when it's actually blended. One time I had a cilantro dressing (that didn't taste like cilantro) on a mexican cesar salad and it was good - probably because the amount used is mainly for color rather than actual taste and the base for the dressing was a creamy delicate cheese blend, so it worked.

And when a recipe calls for a fresh herb "like Cilantro" omit it - you won't miss it and in fact you'll be happier without it.

Now onto Sushi ...anyone with me? :-D

- Gia    Somewhereoutthere, CA
  United States


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