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 Cilantro is the devil!!! This one time I ate cilantro and I exploded.

- Anna Krieger    St. Paul, MN
  United States


 I loved eating tomatoes i any shape or form. Got a plateful of gazpacho, and developed a fetid, nauseating taste in my mouth that didn't go away with vomitting or rinsing. Had no idea what it was until the cook told me about cilantro used a garnish. Ugh. Never again. Do believe we should have labeling like for salt, nutrates and nitrites, and calories.

- Mary Efremov    NY, NY
  United States


 the most disgusting and offensive weed ever used in cooking. may be people who eat it do not have a good sense of smell and taste. this should weeded out of civilized cooking .

- Dr Prk Raju    Visakhapatnam


 is cilantro awesome? I say it sucks. (that means no)

  United States


 Im not gonna lie, normally I dont mind a bit of coriander but one day just making some pasta with pesto I was almost ill. Turns out my mother bought coriander pesto instead of normal basil pesto. Avoid it like the plague - its horrible.

- Liam    Dublin
  Ireland (Republic of)


 It's nasty,ruins everything it comes in contact with.

- Ron Hale    Chicago, IL
  United States


 Cilantro killed my father and married my mother. I have never been the same since...

- Parsley    Herbtown, AZ
  United States


 My pet bunny loves cilantro but I've never tried it. Next time I get him some I've gotta try it just to see what all this fuss is about. Maybe I'll be joining your community next week. lol.

- Christy    Lansing, MI
  United States


 My parents put parsley/cilantro in some stuff. In the vegan things I eat usually. I hate it, I really don't like the taste ew. I avoid it as much as possible.

- Carolina    La Cuntz, FL
  United States


 this one time my exfriend jacob william musal force fed me cilanto and i died.

- Rick    Brunswick, OH
  United States


 I hate cilantro... Sometimes I quiver at the sight of it! One time... I was too scared to eat at a Mexican restaurant because they served it in their RICE!!!!!!

- Alberto     Anchorage, AK
  United States


 I know people love the stuff but to me it tastes like some fertilizer soaked weed.

It tastes so bad it is worrysome, like a poison.

- B    Los Angeles, CA
  United States


 My problem is that when I eat cilantro, my throat seizes up and I cannot breathe for a minute or two, then finally I can breath again. Let me tell you this is scary. Now when I am in a Mexican restaurant I tell them absolutely no cilantro. So far, they have cooperated very well.

  United States


 cilantro is stupid
cilantro is hate
cilantro is death
cilanrto is hate
cilanatroi stupid :(

- No No Cilantro    Timbuctoo, CA
  United States


 I'm one of those people who cannot stand the taste of cilantro. Unfortunately, one of my favorite restaurants is Chipotle. Their rice consists of tine specks of the demon plant, and their corn has giant chunks of it. Throughout the delicious mixture of guacamole, sofritas, beans, and lettuce, I sometimes have to gag down chunks of the green substance.

Keep that shit outta my salsa!

- Skylar    Tampa, FL
  United States


 I am so glad to be a part of this page! I HATE, HATE cilantro.

- Keiko    Portland, OR
  United States


 I'm almost 60 and discovered cilantro 10-12 years ago when
I noticed my salsa tasted like I was chewing aluminum.
Cilantro tastes like someone mixed laundry detergent and pine sap and smells like an old kitchen sponge in your food.

- Bildo    East Ridge, TN
  United States


 Absolutely the worst type of herb to flavour your food with. Even when it's served as decoration the smell alone can ruin your whole food. Simply horrible.

- Cillantro Is Horribl    Pealinn


 Cilantro is NOT a useless herb.
Cilantro, otherwise known as coriander, is an excellent food for removing heavy metals such as mercury, aluminum and lead from the body. This herb is believed to cross the blood-brain barrier and remove heavy metals from the brain. Taking 400 mg of cilantro a day can pretty much clean heavy metals out of the body in just two weeks, according to Robert C. Atkins MD.

- Patrick Dennison    Ventura, CA
  United States


 I haven't posted here in a long time, and logged in because I just discovered an awful product--CILANTRO CONDITIONER!!! NOOOOOO!!!

Not sure if this will replace or add to what I posted when I first joined, but in case it does replace it: My first encounter with cilantro was in San Diego in the early 80's. I took the salad back to the buffet counter because I thought there was something rotten in it--turned out it was the cilantro. Oh, the horror...

  United States


 Note to members: Although I am not a Chipotle fan by any means, the food is edible IF YOU ASK FOR YOUR RICE WITHOUT CILANTRO. They will gladly get some non-cilantro rice for you if you just ask (nicely).

- Michael    Fairfax, VA
  United States


 I always hear people say that cilantro tastes like soap but I think that's weird. To ME, it smells like BODY ODOR (the nasty kind, and tastes like THE SMELL OF BODY ODOR. It's gross, I hate it, and I tell everyone I know who likes it how much it smells like BO. So far, I've been able to ruin at least one friend's enjoyment of cilantro. MuaHahAHAhahAhaHa Go, IHC!!!

- Mimi Huynh    Pensacola, FL
  United States


 I hate cilantro and my grandma likes to add it to virtually everything she can add it to such as salsa. Cant even eat salsa at home cause its infectes with the demon plant named Cilantro.

- Jose    Chicago, IL
  United States


 I bid a good day to you sir!

- Man Of Few Words    Houston, TX
  United States


 I used to work at a grocery store and people would buy cilantro all the time. The leaves would fall off and get caught in the belt and stick to my hands.


- Morgan    Chaska, MN
  United States


 my best friend's nick name is cilantro and I HATE HER. I HATE CILANTRO THAT IS MY STORY

- Messy    Denver, CO
  United States


 It seems to me that people who like Cilantro have a stunted perception of it because they say it has a mild taste. To me it is so strong that a little bit of it in a dish completely overwhelms all other flavors. To say it is nauseating is not just an expression of distaste - it literally makes some of us sick. A little bit of it ruins perfectly good salsa. It is so overused that I have to believe that other people simply cannot perceive it the way we do. And they act as if we are the strange ones.

  United States


 I personally do not have a story about Cilantro (if I've ever tried it, I honestly can't remember), but I thought you should know that this website made it into Uncle John's Funniest Ever Bathroom Reader in 2013. I do not mean this in the context that this website is a joke, but that some people find it funny that it exists. I am going to continue staying away from cilantro, as I haven't had any to begin with, simply because it seems 4,435 other people would encourage me to. Keep on hating the plant!

- J. Leverich    Wellington, KS
  United States


 I was at a diner, and my salmon burger had disgusting amounts of Cilantro on it!

- Marley    
  United States


 I cannot believe there is a site dedicated to the hatred of cilantro! I just Googled "cilantro smells like body odor and this site came up. Ha ha. It stinks. I hate it. I think taco bell uses it too. I always thought their tomatoes taste like soap. Nasty nasty stuff.

- Debbie    Steelville, MO
  United States


 Cilantro killed my father during the great cleansing if Roderigo-snachez along with 6.9 other people. My name is inigomontoya and cilantro killed my father prepare to die

- Inigomontoya    Coppell, TX
  United States


 I can't remember my first run in witch Cilantro, but I can assure you I was grossed out. So I avoided it, take it out of my food. I'n fact, I was just going to eat my favorite Tai Noodles my mom ordered and there it was, EVIL CILANTRO so what i ususally do is take it out, but with I heated the noodles the next day, it smelled so bad because of the cilantro.

- BloodyMangle(Brithey    Torrance, CA
  United States


 I was at an Applebee's, I had ordered a shrimp dish. Something kept tasting atrocious and I didn't have a clue why. I kept sending the dish back with no luck. I didn't know until chipotle boomed what cilantro was and that the taste made me physically ill. God bless chipotle for having cilantro free rice at all times.

- Candace Bordner    Mechanicsburg, PA
  United States


 The fact that there is no, or should lend credence to the fact there are alot of us that HATE the vile weed cilantro. When a waitress says "you can't taste it" or "there isn't that much" I come unhinged! give me a friggin break. This stuff is disgusting and belongs in the dumpster or on the SIDE!

- Paul    Charlotte, NC
  United States


 My mother is a stinkin' cilanto-loving old woman, and when I was an innocent, impressionable child, she fed my guinea pig cilantro.

He died instantly.

Cilantro kills!

- Lauren    San Antonio, TX
  United States


 As if I needed another reason to hate cilantro. According to an article on Esquire's website, The FDA just issued a dire warning about cilantro grown in Mexico. Apparently they found human feces and toilet paper in cilantro fields.

  United States


 Well, ever since i was a smallll child i HATED the disgusting taste of the horrible herb. Cilantro is byfar the WORST thing anybody could put on delicious food such as salsa, burritos, tacos, and taquitos. Those are litterally my favorite foods, but if there is any sight of any cilantro, bye bye delicious food :) in the GARBAGE!

- Tyler    Madera, CA
  United States


 There are plenty of edible plants on this planet. Why do people insist on tainting a perfectly good meal with such toxic nonsense? And then they claim they like it?? Ridiculous. I lose respect for people who claim such things. There is no way on earth that anyone could really like that dirt flavored soap tasting asparaguspee aftertaste "seasoning".

... And it needs to stop masquerading itself as parsley in the supermarket. It's giving the other useless seasoning a bad name.

- Mariana    Colorado Springs, CO
  United States


 The thing that sucks the most about cilantro or coriander is it ruins my favorite things.... Beer,Mexican,Asian, and Indian foods. It also gets old explaining to people how terrible it tastes to me.

- Dylan    Newburyport, MA
  United States


 When I try to tell people about my dislike for cilantro, they think I'm just being picky. But I really feel like this is different. When I try to eat cilantro, it's like my body is giving me a signal that I'm eating something poisonous. Does anyone else feel the same?

- Katja    Oslo


 i really have never had heard of cilantro. what is it? p.s. im only 9 and i just read this site from the bathroom reader unsinkable 21st edition

- James    Nowhere
  United States


 When I gather the strength I will share my vile, disgusting experience. For now I am just to happy to find support with you community...Thank You, Thank You

  United States


 I just really don't like cilantro, okay?

- Eric Mojica    Suwanee, GA
  United States


 Every time I eat something with cilantro in it, I end up vomiting violently for several hours.

So I'm starting to think I'm allergic to it. Plus the taste never did anything for me anyway. So maybe the cilantro should consider @&^*ING OFF! :P

- Heaz    Reading, PA
  United States


 When I was 5 years old, my mom was cooking. She asked me to smell the cilantro because she thought it smelled good. I smelled it and threw up instantly. I've never been able to eat it since.

- Andrew    Tufts University
  United States


 Today I accidentally ate cilantro/coriander/thefuckingdisgustingherb. I am feeling sick and nauseous right now. I don't know what to do. Is there anything that I can eat to forget its taste? I tried chocolate, but now chocolate tastes weird too. Does cilantro destroy my sense of taste forever? I think I am going crazy!!!

- Kiwi    New York, NY
  United States


 I've never liked Cilantro. I can detect even small amounts in a dish that I wouldn't have suspected of having cilantro. Everyone always thought I was strange, because they love it. I thought it tasted like dirty dishwater. Now I feel vindicated because I just read a report that states that cilantro contains some of the same aldehydes (?) that are found in soap and people with a certain gene can detect that taste.

  United States


 IHC members:

If you would like to participate in the cilantro survey
below, please send your responses to: bobmck6 "at"

This may appear on other cilantro related sites.

I would like to gather a bit of statistical information, primarily from those who dislike cilantro. Those who either definitely like it or are indifferent to it are welcome, but please so state if you are in one of those categories.

The research indicating a genetic pre-disposition to cilantro aversion makes me wonder if that can be correlated with other foods/herbs that provoke strong negative reactions. We are all aware of the important connection between taste and aroma, so some questions here point in that direction. Finally, adverse food combinations are explored a bit.

Trying to rank one's likes/dislikes is obviously very subjective; but, if you wish to include such in your own comments, feel free.


(1). Did you ever find cilantro palatable, but now don't? Or vice-versa?

(2). Did you ever consume some cilantro (knowingly or not, beforehand) which didn't seem so bad because you were congested or had a bad cold?

(3). Are some food combinations palatable, but adding cilantro (in any amount) makes them unpalatable? If so, which combinations?

(4). Are all parts of the plant unpalatable, or are you aware of only certain parts (leaves, stems, seeds, coriander powder) causing taste/aroma problems?

(5). Do you find parsley (not Chinese parsley) palatable?

(6). Name a few aromas, not necessarily foods, that you find objectionable or nauseating.

For (7) through (13): all refer to food items which you dislike to a degree similar to your dislike for cilantro...

(7). Name any animal proteins.

(8). Name any herbs/spices.

(9). Name any vegetables.

(10). Name any fruits.

(11). Name any dairy products.

(12). Name any grains.

(13). Name any combinations of (7) through (12). [Personal example: a (10)/(11) combination for me is cantaloupe and most any dairy product; cantaloupe can always be eaten last, but eating it prior to milk, yogurt, or ice cream leaves an unpalatable taste. Yet, cantaloupe is just fine with other melon fruits.]

(14). Gender?

(15). Do you cook for yourself?

I will try to publish some form of conclusions if enough responses lead to statistically meaningful data.

- Bob    Middletown, CA
  United States


 Oh this one time I ate cilantro without knowing it and actually loved it, until I realized... it was CILANTRO. NOOOOOOOO. I hate Cilantro, HOW was this so amazing, I just can't comprehend.

- Ma Ja    Louisville, KY
  United States


 My doctor told me an aversion to cilantro is linked to a gene. If you have the gene, you also pick up an odor from ozone others can't smell. Ozone-producing "air cleaners" are as noxious to cilantro haters as...cilantro. Who knew?

- Jennifer    Boston, MA
  United States


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