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Wow - first off, I was sincerely amazed there was a "I hate cilantro" site. I was actually thinking I would start one. I've never been in a situation where I have felt so relieved others felt the same way. Is this the silliest? What a trivial thing - the taste of cilantro. Then I remember how cilantro has completely ruined meals that could have been great. I ask myself "what taste bud am I missing" and then I ask "what in the heck taste bud are others missing?!". This ingredient is in soooo many recipes these days. I just leave it out and it hasn't changed my experience yet. I either love the recipe or hate it just like everyone else who are posting their ratings (where cilantro is kept in). I have wanted to post to those who hate the recipes and I love them "Maybe try leaving out the cilantro?". But because this is my first post anywhere - that question has not been asked -- Yet.
I feel better now just stating my hate for cilantro. Phew - here's to cooking with every ingredient that I love. ;-)

Portland, OR
United States

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I am not alone! I used to think I was the only one who disliked it. Most everyone I know likes it and think I am weird. I HATE CILANTRO. The first time I tasted it, I thought I was gonna vomit. If I eat even a little it makes me gag. WHY OH WHY do most restaurants insist on using it in almost everything. So gross! Just today my husband, and I along with our 1 year old son went out for lunch...and it was in all the food. My son ate some of the "tainted" food, and the poor little guy broke out in hives! He is apparently allergic to it. Blah! Just another reason for me to hate it more! Before it is served to you in your food/appetizer they should be required to ask you if you like it/want it. I mean they ask you if you want Parmesan cheese grated on your food, it can't be that hard to ask if you want cilantro. ARGH!!

Beaumont, NM
United States

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Thank God for this site! I am not alone. I didn't know there were so many of us who describe it as noxious, vile, putrid, foul, inedible, evil, disgusting, soapy-tasting, nasty, wicked, and so forth.

Long Beach, CA
United States

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Cilantro actually made me choke! i was eating a nice spaghetti when i saw these bits of cilantro i wonder wat they were...BUT THAN IT JUMPED UP AND STRANGLES ME

Ben Dover
Miami, FL
United States

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Posted on my facebook tonight:

I went out for Mexican earlier tonight, and assuming, since I'm in Norway, I wouldn't have to even mention that cilantro makes me gag and leaves me sick for hours...
To my horror, I discovered not only that there was cilantro in my food, but it was long leaf cilantro, which I've never seen before!
Are there really derivatives of this evil creation of Satan?!
Show your support, and join the community of which I've been a proud member since 2006!

I hope tons of my friends joined! :-D

United States

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Cilantro is a good liver cleanse so I tried to force myself to drink it. Not going to work.

love every green smoothie I make, if not I add a bit of steeva, or banana and I like it. EXCEPT the one I made this morning. There was no saving it.

The Green Smoothie Fail

1/2 beet
1 cup spinach
1 cup blueberries
1/2 cup grapes
1 cup water
everything ok but next I added: cilantro.

BLECH.YUCK. NO WAY. Nothing would fix this. I added an apple, steeva, a banana, more blueberries. All I could taste is cilantro.

I don't know why cilantro disgust me. My daughters love it and cook with it all the time. We use to go to Costa Rica each year and they put cilantro in everything. I have always hated it.


Robin Sampson
Nashville, TN
United States

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About 10 years ago while living in Seattle, I noticed the new trend of "healthy" cheap Mexican restaurants. Now these places sound like a dream come true! But no. What were these vile green things all throughout my burrito? AAAAAGH!! What really irks me is that there is no option to order, say, a burrito without the stuff. You just have to eliminate this entire category of eating establishment.

United States

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So, there I was eating a delicious little "something" that seemed rather tasty .. .but then "IT" came back with a vengeance. Over and over again ... till I thought the soapy taste in my throat reminded me a bit of what happened to my little friends when they said naughty words back in the early 60's... Why, oh why do people use this stuff????

Gloversville, NY
United States

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I believe the first time I had cilantro was in a salsa at a Mexican restaurant. The salsa was okay at first, but it had an awful lavender-soap aftertaste that just got worse and worse! I identified the culprit later on, I believe at another Mexican restaurant. It didn't make me sick, but it sure didn't taste good, either.

Years later, I made some dramatic changes to my diet, in the interest of improving my overall health. The diet plan I was on was supposed to reduced inflammation and help the body detoxify. After several months on the diet, I encountered cilantro again. This time, however, there was only a hint of the lavender soap taste I experienced before. I had also learned that cilantro is often used in naturalistic health applications to assist in detoxification. With that information, my own experience, and the conflicting reports of how cilantro tastes from different people all in my mind, I hypothesized that when cilantro has an unpleasant taste, what is actually being tasted is whatever toxins your body has stored: that the cilantro draws the toxins out so that you smell and taste them. (Of course, that's just a theory...)

With that thought in mind, I started eating cilantro regularly in an effort to continue the detox that my diet began. The more I ate it, the more the nasty soapy taste diminished. Now I can enjoy the flavor of cilantro as it should be experienced!

, NC
United States

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In Texas, you can't escape the vile pukeweed. Every form of (formerly delicious) Tex-Mex has been enveloped in stench.

Chipotle is a pretty decent restaurant. Vomitparsley can be avoided there if you choose carefully, but the rice is solid green with the stuff, overwhelming even those who mysteriously like it. (AKA 'people with no taste buds'.

I sent Chipotle an email. It simply said.....

"Cilantro is not a Vegetable".

I was delighted when the reply showed that my missive had been forwarded to a large number of recipients within the company. :) can now get plain white rice for the asking...

Dallas, TX
United States

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I am so so happy to know i'm not the only one who hates cilantro. What's up with people liking this stuff anyway?? It tastes like soap, perfume, and detergent all in one, and it permeates your taste buds almost like curry... NOw im usually a big fan of herbs. However, I first tried this vile-tasting excuse for an herb at a mexican restaurant. I was sooo excited to be having fish tacos (one of my favorite things to eat ever). The food comes out, and i take that first delicious bite. but lo and behold, the sauce on the taco is filled with TINNNNNNNYYYY pieces of chopped cilantro. UGH. as much as a love fish tacos, i could not, would not eat it. Ruined my dinner. thanks, cilantro.

Orlando, FL
United States

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