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Added on Jun 17, 2016 t-shirt! by

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by on Jun 17, 2018

One time when i was five, I had a salad and wanted to die because it tasted so bad. I was walking to the washroom when I barfed all over the carpet. That was the first time I had tasted cilantro.
No one in my family hatescilantro, but whenever someone cooks with it, I can smell it from upstairs. If there is a piece of cilantro in the basement and i'm in the attic, I will probably smell it and get nauseous. I HATE CILANTRO!!!!!
The smell is as bad as the taste. It tastes like burning flesh. I HATE CILANTRO!!!!...

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unicorns hate green
what is green you might ask well
cilantro is green

by NoCilantroNo on Jun 18, 2018

Cilantro is bad
Cilantro should be dead now
The worst food of all

by CilantoHateNerd on Jun 18, 2018

No cilantro, NO!
You kill my soul and taste buds
As bad as Hitler

by TheHunter_317 on Jun 17, 2018

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by thestaff on Jul 2, 2016

Note: receives a share of revenue from items purchased through the website! Who's better qualified to have a sit-down with cilantro than one of its floral companions? is located in San Francisco (wanna buy some shares?) and wild sage grows freely on hills surrounding the city. Its omnipresent fragrance makes it an authority on all things odoriferous. That's why we love this t-shirt...

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