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Added on Jun 17, 2016 t-shirt! by

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by Emma on Nov 15, 2017

I was just an innocent 5 year old when I first encountered cilantro. My father was growing cilantro in our backyard. I didn't know what that meant until that fateful day when I tried it. I was playing outside with my chickens, and I saw the tall plant. Being a child, and not knowing any better, I tried it. I immediately spit it out. It tasted like pain and horror. I started crying and ran inside. My father, the poor soul, hadn't tried it and thought it was okay. He was very, very wrong. I wasn't the same after that experience. It ripped away my childhood and I want to warn parents a...

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Why Did She Lead Me
I Found It Because Of Her

by ThunderFoxCilantroHater on Nov 18, 2017

O, The Taste Burns Me
Like Sun To A Vampire
Cilantro Does Suck

by ThunderFoxCilantroHater on Nov 18, 2017

Cilantro Taste Bad
Only My Rabbit Likes It So
Oh Why Must It Be?

by ThunderFoxCilantroHater on Nov 18, 2017

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by thestaff on Jul 2, 2016

Note: receives a share of revenue from items purchased through the website! Who's better qualified to have a sit-down with cilantro than one of its floral companions? is located in San Francisco (wanna buy some shares?) and wild sage grows freely on hills surrounding the city. Its omnipresent fragrance makes it an authority on all things odoriferous. That's why we love this t-shirt...

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