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Added on Jun 17, 2016 t-shirt! by

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by Wiktor on Jun 19, 2017

I hate Cilantro, it brokes every soup and I decided to write a poem about it. Here we go:
I hate Cillantro,
because looks like broken piano.
Smells like poop,
and i never eat that *tfu* (spitting)
I know, this is short, but perfect to show my emotions about this green demon....

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Cilantro is gross
please destroy it
also Jaiden sent me here.

by Cilantro sucks! on Jun 25, 2017

Cilanto is gross

by OPCilantro on Jun 24, 2017

Why does this exist
Why does Cilantro exist
We must fight this hell

by Lewisanddoggo on Jun 24, 2017

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by thestaff on Jul 2, 2016

Note: receives a share of revenue from items purchased through the website! Who's better qualified to have a sit-down with cilantro than one of its floral companions? is located in San Francisco (wanna buy some shares?) and wild sage grows freely on hills surrounding the city. Its omnipresent fragrance makes it an authority on all things odoriferous. That's why we love this t-shirt...

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