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Oh god, cilantro
It is satan in plant form
What in tarnation
- Nebs    
It is rabbit food
Are you a rabbit, pray tell?
I didn't think so
- Sootytern26    
A long time ago
I sampled some cilantro
It was a dark day
- Sootytern26    
cilantro is great
the best of the herbs to taste
fresh and not a paste
- Cilantrocraze    
picking cilantro
like slaves picking out cotton
pain in extraction
- Karolynjar    
ok lets be real now
chipotle is so racist
cilantro lime rice
- Lizhatescilantro    
Headline: 'Shake Things Up
With a Brand New Brunch Cocktail:
The Cilantini'
- Cilantro Ice Cream?    
can fuck themself in the ass
hard in the ass

- Lizhatescilantro    
A restaurant named
'NO CILANTRO!' where grinning
Gourmandizers gorge
- Cilantro Ice Cream?    
We 10%ers
Whose genes say 'Stop! No! Away!'
Will re-rule...someday
- Cilantro Ice Cream?    
i hate cilantro

it is so gosh dang nasty

cilantro sucks dick
- Elizahbunny    
I saw a yard once
It was growing cilantro
I then killed myself
- Emerson    
Cilantro so good
You are all sad sad people
I laugh at your pain
- Cilantro4ever    
Fans of the evil weed
Are not tasting what I taste
I taste diesel fuel
- Cilantrocious    
I recognize it
The bane of my existence
Fighting gag reflex
- Teadrinker    
Green specks in my food
I tirelessly pick them out
Last one done eating
- Teadrinker    
I want to fit in
but I just can't take the taste
of this foul green weed
- Teadrinker    
"Well, you won't taste it"
As if I don't know better
They all just spew lies
- Teadrinker    
Satans creation
Causes pain and misery
Vile cilantro
- Loganwalck    
Hiding in my meal
You don't fool me, cilantro.
You've ruined dinner.
- Coralie    
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