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This sites dumb as fk
This was on the top ten dumbest sites lol
haikus about cilantro lol kids
- JohnPhno    
Thou art repulsive
Cilantro, my nemesis
I depise you, leaf
- Clairelizabeth98    
god please have mercy
my wretched soul cries for help
because cilantro
- Katpickrel    
evil leaf from hell
go back to where you came from
you are not wanted

- Katpickrel    
Cilantro is love
Cilantro is my whole life
I was just joking
- Katpickrel    
I loathe cilantro
Mistaken for hippy grass
It gives me nightmares
- Katpickrel    
At first I liked herbs
But then I met Cilantro
And now, not so much
- SadBunny    
Thought I was alone
In my death spasms found this site
Too late, still good though
- SadBunny    
Sink full of dishes
wrapped into my tortilla
please hold the bubbles
- Swatson    
Cilantro Tastes Like
Old Soapy Irish Peppers
If that was a thing
- AStill333    
Cilantro's the worst
It tastes like soapy pepper
Get it out of here.
- AStill333    
Burger of the day
Say it ain't cilantro
Cilantro is terrible.
- Bob Belcher    
Oh god, cilantro
It is satan in plant form
What in tarnation
- Nebs    
It is rabbit food
Are you a rabbit, pray tell?
I didn't think so
- Sootytern26    
A long time ago
I sampled some cilantro
It was a dark day
- Sootytern26    
cilantro is great
the best of the herbs to taste
fresh and not a paste
- Cilantrocraze    
picking cilantro
like slaves picking out cotton
pain in extraction
- Karolynjar    
ok lets be real now
chipotle is so racist
cilantro lime rice
- Lizhatescilantro    
Headline: 'Shake Things Up
With a Brand New Brunch Cocktail:
The Cilantini'
- Cilantro Ice Cream?    
can fuck themself in the ass
hard in the ass

- Lizhatescilantro    
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