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I happen to be
Deathly allergic towards
Yucky cilantro

Pain and suffering
The second worst food ever
Eggplant is the first

Every Single Time
I taste that disgusting plant
I die more inside

Cooks, please see reason:
Cilantro is atrocious!
Put it in the trash!

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fuck you cilantro
you taste like batman's butt hole
fuck you cilantro

I am the batman
The batman hates cilantro
I hate cilantro

Oh, oh Cilantro
Why do you torment me so
Go away go go go

I hate Cilantro
Cilantro killed my mother
Now I will kill it

I hate Cilantro
Do you too, hate Cilantro
Well you really should

Soapy cilantro
The herbal potty-mouthwash
Invites me to curse

Why should anyone
Acclimate to cilantro
Or turds in their mouth

Cilantro, No, No
No, No, No, No, No, No, No
No, No, No, No, No

Death hides in the form
Of cilantro's green leaves
God save our poor souls.

cilantro cilant
ro, cilantron cilantro
cilantro naaaah

Horrifying herb.
Any recipe it's in.
It's all I can taste.

A beautiful dish
What is this green leafy bit?

Babe, we need to talk
This cilantro soup you make
It just won't work out.

If I wanted soap,
I would be in the shower.
Cilantro, you suck.

Mexican devil
This green weed that tastes like shit
I've removed my tongue


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