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Fresh, tasty salsa!
Wait, what is that foul flavour?
Merciless soap weed.

Cilantro is a
joke and needs not
be existing

Cilantro, you suck
How dare you ruin queso!
Where's my Benadryl?

I'm a regular.
They don't see me shunning it.
Why don't I tell them?

It's a no brainer
why cilantro can attract
a horny stink bug.

ground c******o
is the new pollen

Meteorite claims
cilantro extinction,
Godzilla is unhappy.

there are some c words
more offensive than others
distasteful for sure

soap or cilantro
one way or the other its
punishment for mouths

cilantro is to
fine dining as Kenny Gs
sax is to great jazz

care for cilantro?
or perhaps ill just take a
big dump on your plate

Soap?! FAR too benign.
Evil, rotting, death, decay -
Embalming fluid.

cilantro sucks ass.
cilantro tastes like ass, ew.
why cilantro, why?

why would you even try
to taste this forbidden leaf
what the fuck is this

Resentful Ivy
True toxin to the spirit
Poison to the mind

damn coriander
fuckin cilantro is shit
the 8th deadly sin

Those green eggs and ham
We now know was cilantro
Poor dear Sam I Am.

It should be poison
And to many of us, it is.
Kill this nasty weed!

Vainly had she searched
For her people, those who knew
The taste of green soap

"I thirst," said the Christ
What was on the Roman's spear?
The green mockery


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