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sneaky non parsley
masquerade in parsley dress
trickery so vile

Mexican food yum
Wait! What's so fowl on my tongue?
even cheese destroyed!

Nah ah ah ah ah
Ah ah ah ah ah ah sty.
Cilantro. Nasty.

better would be to
have eye gouged with a piece of
glass, cilantro blind

Fondue so lovely
Wait, a bitter blow to tongue
A great meal ruined

The green enemy
The herb so vile so evil
Ruins all dishes

I Do Not Like It
Sam I Am - no fan no fan
Of that cilantro

verdant enemy
lurking in soupy repose
striking the naive

Soapy flavor abounds
Did they not rinse the dishes?
No, it's cilantro.

Fight cilantro now!
To force this weed upon us?
...the terrorists win.

Coincidence? No!
Cilantro enters Europe.
Along with Black Death.

Amelia Earhart.
What did the stewardess bring?
Cilantro chicken.

Lucrezia Borgia
World famous for poisoning
Favored cilantro

Blood frogs lice and beasts
Pestilence boils storms locusts
Darkness cilantro.

God made cilantro
If ten plagues were not enough
It was his backup

My friends are liars
They profess to like raw fish
And now cilantro

Thai and Mexican
Great culinary delights
Green leaf ruins both

The curry sickens
It looked good on the menu
Alas cilantro

Already vegan.
So very little to eat.
Can't PETA protest?

Dog eats grass and pukes
I did that with cilantro
Dog? Cleansed. Me? Ill.


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