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Cilantro sucks balls
because it tastes like shit soap
Make it illegal


Cilantro is Amazing
It always brightens my day
Cilantro 4EVA


destroy the devils work
keep your children from cilantro
the stuff is deadly


Cilantro Is dead
The cause of acne and more
A hazard to your health


Burn all cilantro
For I shan't stand it longer
I hate it with fire


I hate Cilantro
It tastes like evil mint that's spoiled
Die cilantro!!!!!!!!!, DIEEEEEEEEEEE!!!


c a r r j u n i o r

Basil Is Great

Oh cilantro,
How I hate you, my enemy
Die, cilantro, die.


one time i ate some
it tasted of citrus soap
cilantro scares me

Lick It

bitchalt's song made me horny
and that is no lie
neither is i hate cilantro.
i'm so bad at rhyme

IVictory Victor

I just wanna die
Want to die alone in peace
And i hate cilantro




I hate cilantro.
It is very very bad!
It tastes like dog shit.


Oh my mom is that a little girl that she wants me a little while she's in the hospital so she is not very well I don't think I will be doing that a little while I am going out to dinner and then she will come back to the office tomorrow and then she can call you and let me talk with her I love love and her baby I wish you could come back to her and she is not going out to eat and she is going out with you guys so she won't come home she can go see you soon I will want you and her baby and she is not going out with her mom I will call you when she can call you back I don't know if I want you or I want you call you I want you and you want to come over here I will come back home I will want you and you want to me I will come back to see each of my friends I will want you and I can call him and then I'll call him tomorrow I don't want him going out with me and I want you and I want him and then I want you



Yeah I'm Cilantro
It's pronounced wkth an antro
Young ladies, I cilantro'd ya


I ate cilantro,
It did not taste very good,
Never eat this food

cilantro is gross
it should go die in a hole
who likes cilantro?


Cilantro is gross
It ruins good spaghetti
Burn it to ashes

Made it while watching TV, that's how good I am at writing bad poetry