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Username: Carla853
Member for: 193 days
Last Login: July 31, 2017
Sex: F
Age: 20
Stance: I hate cilantro.

What does cilantro taste like to you?
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If cilantro were a historical malevolent dictator, who would it be? Why?
My cilantro story, first experience, recent anecdote, rant, etc...
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My Haikus
I hate cilantro
Nick this is bad maybe we shouldn't do this... Ahhhh ahhhhhhhhh

Kacey threw her body back as she got louder as louder. Man was I the luckiest boy in college. The sight of Kacey was beautiful her teeth grinding and eyes scrunched already sweating. Her green eyes were mostly closed except when she opened them extremely wide for a second then shut them again

We both knew the consequences of unprotected sex but didn't care well I didn't.

She looked she cute I wish I could stay there all night but I was in no position to. Her vagina clamped down firmly on my long hard dick.

I pulled it out quickly only to get less then seconds till I instinctively pushed my self back into her. Every time her mones getting louder and louder. Her face was melted.

I had been repeating this cycle for al least 2 minutes now. Taking few breaks. It honestly got hard keeping the sensations I had pent up for the last 4 years.

"Ahhhh ahhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhh ahh"

Her moaning keep me going through. By this point her brests that were massive keep throwing sweat every where. As well as any time I spun around Kacey's insides.

I knew that if I tried to contain my semen any more I would burst. Yet I keep going and her vagina seemed to clamp harder and harder down almost making it seam like she was not ready to stop.

" Mo ahhhh more keep going ahhhhhhh don't stop please ahhhhhhhh "

I continued almost about to burst into multiple bits but held strong. Kacey had held out her hand grasping at the air moaning uncontrollably. I grabbed her had and locked fingers with her. This game me the strength to grab her by the hips and push my dick in as far as I could into her vagina witch was far. Then pulling my self out again knowing that this time for sure I couldn't go in again after that with out releasing.

"Kacey I can't "

"Ughhhhhh more ahhh please more Nick release it release a lot ,no release all of it."

Looking down on Kacey from my top angel after rolling around a while doing the amiture stuff. I took her hips and slammed my self into her leting go of all my semen. It glopped loudly into her. My hot sperm gushing into her was the best feeling ever. Every time my dick moved I saw colors.

Finally Kacey fell limp on top of me
But we normally do this on Friday so we can discuss it a while.
Eh Kate a quick thing won't hurt.
I guess not. But are we going to your place after our first day as seniors or mine.
Yours since you said your mom and dad are gone.
Right. Ok.

Come in come in. Tyler you know where my room is.

Hey why are you getting undressed with out me.
(Slips off is jeans and underwear)

( puts on condom that barely fits his long hard penis)
Let me get your under garments Kate you helped with the condom.
Ok Tyler.
(Kate jumps on Tyler)
Wate maybe we shouldn't do it this time.
Too late Kate.

Tyler shoves himself into her unexpected. Causing Kate's eyes to light up then close extremely quickly. Tyler was trained to stay in for seconds and seconds at a time. He just came out but was in her for more than 50 seconds already. Kate was moaning extremely loudly now. She looked so extremely lewed in a hardcore sex way but was still cute doing it.

Ahhh ugggg ahhhhhhhh ughhhhhhh aughhhhh, Tyler more.

This was not the first time they were doing this. Every time they did it it seamed it felt better and better. it was like a drug. A amazing feeling one that usually had no side effects
June had been imagining this moment since she stole a dildo at age 12. It felt so real as Fred's hard long penis shoved into her vagina . It was even better than a dildo. She knows she will have to keep this ran da vo secret because she was only in high school. Although she would be graduating in a month and moving out in 4. Fred was so magical feeling I loved it the moaning I thought I could hold in I just couldn't. At least we were in a hotel room we checked into saying we were hanging out with more than just us but nope. Only us. Fred was making out with me again this time more intensely.


Fred shoves his penis in farther into her. He doesn't care if he somethings lets out semen because he has a condom on. He stays in her a while longer. They see how well the condom can hold up so he lets some semen out. When he comes out of June he realizes he doesn't have a condom on. He tries to tell June but she just interrupts him saying continue why don't you. Fred finally gives up and pushes himself in again. Knowing he already let out semen he does it again.
Ahhhh ugggggg more more.
June I don't have a condom on.
I know I took it off in between breaks.
Get back to it Fred. And release a lot I don't care as long as it feels good and it does when your in me so get back in.
Fred shoves in self in knowing that there both horny he humps her when doing it. She apparently is amused because she starts moaning louder and louder.
The site of June is magical her looking so lewed but so happy.
June's vagina convulsed extremely about 11 times in the last 30 seconds

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