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The one thing that makes us happier than finding out that those green flecks are just parsley is knowing that we've made a difference. We couldn't have done it ourselves. Here are a few of the most influential sites that helped spread rumors of this budding community on the internets:

1. Boing Boing
2. MSNBC's Clicked blog
3. CNet's Besoterica blog
4. Henchman Publishing blog
5. NonSequiturville blog
6. Great Food Live on UKTVFood (8/29 or 8/30/2006)
7. UK Metro daily newspaper (8/28/2006)
8. Playboy Magazine (October 2006)
9. Yahoo! Picks of the Week (December 3, 2006)
10.The Wallstreet Journal - 02/13/2009