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On Veterans Day 2012 I had the misfortune to order a fish dinner at Applebee's and discovered to my great dismay the coleslaw was infested with not only horseradish and peppers and overloaded with dill but full of cilantro. The tartar sauce was also overloaded with bitter dill and ? instead of a nice sweet tartar sauce. Because the fish was cooked in "old" cooking oil, and the baked potato was "old" along with the sour cream, all served on a piece of waxed paper inside a metal wire frame basket that was mostly space and no wire, when cutting my fish the knife ripped the paper and food spilled onto the table -- nothing served on a decent plate for a $13 meal. Complaints to the server and manager were met with comments like "this is how corporate sends out the food and directs it to be served." How can anyone screw up coleslaw -- it should be basic shaved cabbage, maybe a little grated carrot and sweet mayonnaise dressing. Beware Applebee's recipes as the "cilantro" ingredients are part of their "new" "signature flavors" attempt to ruin perfectly good food and make you think you're nuts if you complain. I did complain to Applebee's HQ and they sent me a $15 gift card to try them again. I just want the $15 I paid for the meal and I'll go eat somewhere else.

Tragoudi Arpa \ East Lansing, MI, United States
I was eating some pizza one night without knowing that it had cilantro in it. I went ahead eating the pizza when i tasted something weird. I looked and it was the devious, gross, despicable, CILANTRO. I looked at it with a BIG FROWN ON MY FACE. Before I knew it, I passed out by the look of the HERB THAT SHALL NOT ME NAMED. I didn't know about this website before, so I decided to voice my concerns on tumblr. I like to spread the word everyday on how much I loathe C I L A N T R O. I JUST CANT STAND IT.

Roary \ Unalaska, AK, United States
Dear fellow cilantro haters,

I absolutely positively hate cilantro! I used to love cilantro! I would make paintings with varieties of cilantro around the world. I would also make sculptures. I loved it so much that I wanted to pursue a long term relationship with it. I wanted to make love to cloves of cilantro. weird I know, but you have to do what makes you happy! #swaggg But then, on a dark and stormy night on march 22 2001, my feelings all changed. now all the mother fuckers who love cilantro are major dick suckers because when i asked for spagetios m y mom put a hint of cilantro in it...i spit the spagetions out of my mouth and on my dog name chinchilla. it has a secret chemical that caused me a very severe allergic reaction! I had to go to the hospital. I almost did not make it out alive. FUCKKK CILANTRO!!

\ , United States

Cilantro is the reason for my trust issues. I used to love cilantro. Cilantro understood me like nobody else. When I didn't care, cilantro was there. When I was alone, cilantro was there. I loved it and it loved me. But then.
It happened.
It was a usual day at the restaurant. The lunch rush, the lack of customers, then the dinner rush. The chef was cooking his special, a customer favorite in fact, rice, beans, and cheese. He baked it and added a wonderful mix of things.
Including cilantro.
He was chopping left and right, here and there. He had to separate batches, rice, beans, and cheese on one side, and some more on the other side. The only thing left to chop was the cilantro. He chopped the two entire cilantro heads and accidentally, or so they say, put BOTH ENTIRE CHOPPED CILANTRO HEADS INTO ONE MIXTURE! He baked it all together, and served it to all the customers that night. It was utter mayhem. The screaming, the crying, the twerking. The cilantro going every where! I went home and cried for two days straight. And every May 15th, I close all the shades in my house and go under the covers and cry. I will never trust a cousin of celery again.

Rice B. Cheese \ Summit, NJ, United States
For some reason, my mother had decided to grow cilantro in the garden. When I was out picking tomatoes, I tried sniffing a cilantro leaf. Blugh! I ate it, even though it smelled bad, and I spit it out. After that I washed my hands thouroughly so I didn't have to smell them. I've been avoiding it since.
In Spanish class, we were watching a cooking video where they used a lot of "corrador" or something like that, which my teacher explained was cilantro. "I HATE cilatro!" I commented, and the class laughed.

JM Anti-Cilantroist \ V-Town, OH, United States

When I was twelve years old, I was forced to chew and swallow 3/4 of a cilantro containing dish because a well-intentioned family friend had spent $10 on this entree. Aghast and glossy-eyed, I stopped inhaling air as I chewed 10 specks of this soapy plant; even after I finished 3/4 of this meal, this plant's soapy, pungent flavor never lost its ugly taste. Call me subservient, but I felt that it was my duty as the eldest child to enjoy cilantro.

Years later, our family dined at a Vietnamese restaurant. My thirteen-year-old brother's eyes flew open and watered as soon as he inhaled a spoonful of cilantro-infested pho broth. My heart trembled and my eyes empathically longed into his; this cultural rite of passage is painful, and I sympathized agonizingly with my aghast and dear younger brother as he vigilantly finished his cilantro-infested bowl of pho. Why must we maintain this cruel rite of passage? It is VILE and MALIGNANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sarah \ , MS, United States
I was at Zorbaz, McGregor Minnesota, to order a lovely chicken burrito. Well, there was a dummy fatty cook working, and he accidentally mixed my sour cream with cilantro because the 2 are close to each other in the kitchen. I had no idea what cilantro was, so I took a bite. It was wretched. I could not stand to live at that moment. Then my friend RJ told me it was cilantro, and I have hated it since.

Tim \ McGregor, MN, United States
When I was eighteen, I went to a restaurant with my boyfriend for th first time. It was a very chique indian restaurant, very expensive too.. We ordered a few dishes, but every dish tasted horrible! We didn't understand why though.. We tried and tried, bit every dish went back to the kitchen, barely touched.. The witer asked us what went wrong, so I admitted that I jst couldn' t eat it, due to ome strnge taste.. And then e told us it was coriander! Uch!! We paid a lot of money and when we finished, we got us some nice fries and snacks!

Joska \ Leerdam, Netherlands
It started out like any other day, I was with some friends and we were out to lunch. I ordered a salad, harmless right? WRONG. As soon as I put the fork to my mouth I could taste it...this awful, unbearable, repulsive taste that lingered in my mouth like a catchy song lingers in your brain. I was perplexed at the intensity of my reaction to this seemingly innocent salad. And after I searched it, I had no clue what was making me feel this way. So I pushed through the meal barely making it out of there alive. For weeks I was trying to figure out what that horrid taste was and it finally hit me, it was CILANTRO. I don't care if it's chopped up into the tiniest pieces, I will taste it! From that day on, I have steered clear of that atrocious food and am delighted to know I'm not alone in this quest to vanish cilantro because... I.HATE.CILANTRO!

ALynn \ , HI, United States
While I am an absolute fan of Mexican food, I hate cilantro. I ate some once on a burrito, and then proceeded to get sick later that night. Crazy sick--maybe I'm allergic, who knows? Anyways, I hated the taste of the cilantro and cilantro vomit and will not be eating it again.

Mandi \ Freeport, IL, United States

I loathe the stuff! If I ever see any on my plate I remove it. Even if I tell the waiters that I'm allergic to it, they just don't seem to care. Sometimes though you discover it too late, especially when it's mixed in with a salad. I first noticed that I would react by getting blemishes on my face which I thought were just pimples, so I didn't immediately associate the two things. Then over the years these became more severe - within 6-10 hours I would get a huge red, hard angry lump, always on my face, that was not a pimple, but more like a blister. The worst one ever was just under my eye. It was so bad I took three days off work,and the doctor thought I might have shingles. They usually last 2 weeks before they go down, and nothing I take (not even antihistamines) will make them go away any quicker. The scars can stay for anything up to 6 or 9 months. The worst experience I had was when I accidentally ate some at a Thai restaurant. Within minutes I started to cough, and couldn't stop. I coughed for something like 14 hours. I think it should be banned, in the same way MSG is here.
The worst thing is that those who are not affected don't take it seriously, and look at you as though you are mad. Last week we had a Christmas function at the Sydney Opera House's 5 star restaurant. I spoke to the waiter taking my order and he duly noted I had an allergy to cilantro and chilli. I ordered a tuna entree (no mention of cilantro) and in the dim lighting didn't see there was a tiny piece of it in the garnish. By then it was too late. I was housebound for a whole weekend with a red lump the size of a 10 cent piece on my chin. It makes me so angry. I mean would they put peanuts in the food if someone had a peanut allergy?!

Elizabeth \ Sydney, Australia
#Chutney Corriander Chutney I AM HIGHLY ALLERGIC TO CORIANDER AND CILANTRO I ALMOST DIED YESTERDAY FROM IT..OH..MY...GOD..ANYONE ELSE (10% of the world's most SENSITIVE KIND LOVING PEOPLE have this reaction to the oils in the wicked evil weed) PLEASE do NOT(no NEVER) put any of this crap on my plate..thank-you very much~love you~btw JULIA CHILD HATED CILANTRO TOO SO i am in GOOD COMPANY~(wonders if cilantro killed her?...probably...)

Jane \ TOBM, Canada
I never really knew anything about cilantro so never thought about it. I was at a catered dinner party and was served an asian type salad which I loved and the chef was gracious enough to give me his recipe. I made it a few times and everyone who ate it thought it was lovely (including me). A few years later I made the salad to take to a "pot luck" get together in my neighborhood. Several people asked me for the recipe. I hated it!!!! It tasted like soap to me (and still does). The only difference in my life style that might acocunt for the change is the fact that I quit smoking after many, many years. I don't mind a tiny bit of cilantro if it is crushed and added to a sauce or something but it is not something that I eat intentionally.

Kathy Allison \ Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
I find that it taste like bad breath and the reason why I found this website was because I was looking up online about cilantro allergies. Because there are these incredible fish tacos but they put these nasty fresh cilantro leafs on it. Everytime I have them I forget about the cilantro. I swear my throat starts to close up and having trouble breathing. I didn't know there was a whole world of cilantro haters kind of funny. Death to cilantro.

\ , MA, United States
I lived in New Mexico for three years (early 90's) and never even heard of cilantro. I can't believe Chipolte puts it in EVERTHING! It can't be authenic mexican. Disgusting!

Rhianna \ Hinesburg, VT, United States
I think cilantro is absolutely disgusting. I wasn't aware that it was the ingredient which was tainting my delicious taco salad until my mom informed me. She shares the same hatred for it. Every time I see cilantro or someone asks me if I want in on my dish, I make a point to let them know that I would choke to death if it was put on my food. There is absolutely nothing good about it and I am going to tell my children that it is poisonous.

Emily Leffler \ Burlington, VT, United States
It was dawn. Cilantro creeped behind me. It jumped out with a knife! Cilantro murdered my family. I will seek revenge.
Each morning i wake up and do 5000 push ups with one arm. I need to be ready for when the Cilantro attacks again. I have several groups of armed forces out looking for Cilantro at the moment and we believe that he is in the northwest region of Seattle.
I write to you asking for a favor Cilantro hater to Cilantro hater. Please send all supplies and soliders that you can. I thank you for your time. FUCK CILANTRO

Kenya Kinke \ Seattle, WA, United States
First of all, I am so relieved to have found this website and to know that I am not alone the fight against cilantro. It all started when I was 18 and I planned to make an amazing dinner for my family. I saw a great pasta recipe that looked to die for, and got everything the recipe asked for. Ready to serve, I decided to try my dish only to be completely mortified at the result. A horrible soapy overdose of flavour. I couldn't figure it out, UNTIL just the other day, at the age of 22 I was dying for my ultimate favourite meal, a large hot spicy hearty bowl of PHO. My ususal vietnemese restaurant was not open, so to kick the craving I decided to go to another joint near by, the pho was served and I've never been so excited. Everything looked just as if I was at my original location. As I took in my first mouthful I was BAFFLED, HORRIFIED, ABSOULTELY DISGUSTED to realize that the disgusting soapy taste that ruined my families dinner years before and stung my tastebuds for years to come, was in fact CILANTRO. Now that I am finally aware, and from this day on, I will forever live.. Cilantro Free.

Jackie Betty \ Winnipeg, MB, Canada
I can't believe...sob...sob... That i've finally found this support group, sniffle...sniffle....

Other than being in my neighborhood resturant (normaly a sanctuary of warm gastronomic hugs and kisses in NYC) I can't remeber all the details
of my first encounter. You see the ensuing trauma caused extreme tunnel vision, and my psyche has benovolently tried to spare me from recalling specific details of the incident....although there were Margaritas present from what little I can recall.

Apparently this vile weed has the keys to unlock an ancient pathway to my reptilian complex eliciting a gag response and repetitive Tourette-like outbursts of "eeeyuuuckk"!!! (luckily only lasting for that seating) while requiring additional applications of Margaritas to assuage the damage to my olafactory hardware.

When seeking support from my friends (or should I say my dining companions currently previous friends) regarding this overpowering distinct SOAP-LIKE taste experience RUINING my meal, my pleadings were met with condescending,incredulous nervous glances around the table. It was became obvious that they were clearly confounded as how best to keep this Neanderthal from insulting this OH SO FANCY RESTURANT and dis-associate themselves from his reaction.

Are you kidding me?
This is a goof.....right?
You had Jimmie put soap in my food back there...right?

Apparently not.

I have since lived in shame with this OBVIOUS genetic DEFECT until today...having read of the research which brings me to this Oasis of Compassion, intellect and good taste.

Having been REBORN today, I am in the garage constructing a sturdy soapbox with which to help express my new found devotion and spread The Word.

Many Joyful Thanks,

Clayton Bigsby

Clayton Bigsby \ Stevens Point, WI, United States
Years ago I was lunching with my daughter at a restaurant in Michigan. Some kind of cucumber salad was my side dish. I didn't know what that disgusting taste was but I was sure the cumcumbers were bad and told the wait staff to stop serving them. However, years later I realized that disgusting dirty sock taste came from cilantro. No, I have not eaten dirty socks, but I imagine them to taste like cilantro. Now, I specifically ask restaurants to leave cilantro out of certain dishes. My family knows I hate it and will not tolerate it. It's truly disgusting.

\ , United States


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