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I want to fuck cilantro.

John \ Marsh, FL, United States
is cilantro awesome? I say it sucks. (that means no)

\ , United States
cilantro sucks like cow plops.

Christian King \ Mississauga, Canada

I wonder, I am new. Why do you 3 598 people hate cilantro? I think it is very funny that someone said that it tasted like dish soap. To me it tastes like dog crap.

\ , Canada
My wife experiments with international foods, while my experience has been traditional North American/European foods. I've had problems with certain Asian foods with our well-meaning Asian friends. The difficulty is to figure out what is the particular problem, and you don't like to appear impolite. Finally I got a dish with enough of something to be distinctly identifiable from all the other tastes -- cilantro, my wife said. But it's almost impossible to know in advance if you're getting it in a meal or not. Last night I was at a pot-luck, took a bite of a nice fresh green salad, and my tongue hurt, my eyes watered, and it tasted awful (cilantro taste, and my wife identified the problem leaves in the salad). It's reassuring to hear that a significant number of others have a similar reaction, or unfortunately even worse. My learning curve seems fairly typical. Unfortunately, websites attract nasty commenters and this site is no exception. But why must folks who like cilantro bash those who are allergic to it are they likewise bashing folks with peanut allergies and milk allergies?

Paul \ Drexel Hill, PA, United States

I can best be described as "cilantro intolerant." I more than just hate the vileweed; I react badly to it (acid reflux, sharp burning on the tongue, etc.). Therefore, I have to be very particular about what I eat, ESPECIALLY in Tex-Mex, Mexican, and Italian restaurants (which saddens me, as these are some of my favorite places to eat).

If there are people out there who can point me to websites that list cilantro-free dining alternatives, I would be exceptionally grateful (as would my gut)!

Don Ford \ Florissant, MO, United States
Okay. I've never had cilantro. And what the fuck is this website?
Don't you people have lives?!?! There are worse things in the world
Other than cilantro.

*not Telling* \ , Belize
Well.. The story is an all too familiar one in my case. I ate some cilantro... realized it tasted like dish soap that had been filtered thru a hobo's dirty underwear... and then joined this group.

Timboliah PantsonFiy \ Dayton, OH, United States
It was a normal day. A day like most other days. The weather was fair. I had a smile upon my face. Life was good.

As noon came and went, I began to ponder what I might make for dinner that evening. I browsed the many recipes I had bookmarked throughout the week, and I sat, and I thought. Nothing seemed right.

Then, there it was. It came to me in a flash of HTML. Chili. I would make chili for dinner. It would be from scratch, and it would be amazing. I would even make cornbread.

The preparation of dinner was uneventful. The cornbread even came out a lovely golden brown. Everything was perfect.



This chili recipe recommends that I top each dish with sour cream and cilantro.

Well. Okay.


What have I done?


It won't come off! The smell! The smell! It lingers!


I tried hand soap. I tried dish soap. I tried citrus cleaner. How do I make it stop?


I.. I can't take it anymore. My innocent actions of dressing each dish with cilantro have resulted in a haunting, unrelentless stench that causes me to wish I had hands no longer. Perhaps I was never meant to live. I.. not like this. Not like this.

Please, for the love of all that is good and well in this world, do not bring this evil upon yourself or your loved ones. Is such an experience worth a mere $0.99? Surely something so powerful.. so dark.. so wrong.. should be unobtainable.

Fight the fight! You are not alone! We will prevail!

Michelle \ San Francisco, CA, United States
Cilantro can blow me.

\ , United States

Ah, you see, I was going to point out and disassemble any form of objective (if false) and subjective elements against cilantro cited by this website's staff, but I then realized that this is a trololol website.

After analyzing the components that would give this website any form of relevance to cilantro (research, press, about, headlines), I have determined that this website is simply the voiced incompetence and ignorance by that of one, and has no placement in scientific research. It also does not have the right to display invalid claims about an herb, but considering that this is more of a blog, it would be appropriate to say mindless drones have their own opinion too, don't you agree?

I was a little amused to see such a low-grade research category. The category is called "research," but it doesn't actually have any appreciable amount in it, and one of the links is not actually research but instead it is someone's subjective experience.

If you're wondering why I've taken the time to voice this, I'll tell you. It's because it's amusing. It's amusing to see someone create a movement group against an herb simply because they don't like it, call it inedible, and then project themselves upon others.

It's a matter of character, not taste.

Aone \ Lancaster, CA, United States
Once upon a time, there was a fat rabbit using Cilantros clothes, he was so fat, he died of escorbuto
OH... Zelda said, you are a fat rabbit named Burrito, you smoke a lot of cilantro, so you are going to die

Fat Rabbit \ Iwillnottellyou, IL, Barbados
I was at a church tea, and they had cilantro as a garnish. I ate my sandwichs and was still so hungry I had to eat the Cilantro

Jack \ Cairo, Egypt
I also first found the foul herb at a Mexican restaurant. No clue as to what the horrible, rancid flavor was that I ate while snacking on chips and salsa. Needless to say, I stopped eating. At some point after that, I ran into Cilantro again while eating a taco salad which is where I was told what it was. If Cilantro is touching food around it, the nasty taste permeates everything and ruins a perfectly good meal. Why does it have to be in what seems to be everything nowadays? There NEEDS to be a warning on labels and restaurants need to ask their customers if adding it is okay. Disgusting. Part of the problem may be there are too few of us to make a difference in this perspective. Maybe advertising of some sort would help? IHATECILANTRO tv commercials or radio ads? Posters? Get the word out! CILANTRO TASTES LIKE RANCID GARBAGE!

Maralina \ Phoenix, AZ, United States
When I was around 6 I had a toothbrush, I know no big whoop. IT WAS FLAVORED, Scented. I HATED IT. For some reason I kept it in my dresser drawer.
Turns out it's scent was son similar to cilantro that while working at a restaurant called Hooligan's or Houlihan's(?) I refused to put it on food that I was instructed to put it on, I found it so repulsive I couldn't imagine anyone would want it. Imagine thee chef's expression when he found this out. I really didn't care and obviously I lost the job. But got my dream job after as a house DJ at a hotel bar. NO it wasn't a dream job. but for the pay and bene's playing music was way better than making someone's food.
My wife doesn't understand BUT I don't care KEEP THAT CRAP AWAY FROM ME. I ABSOLUTELY HATE IT!!!

Roger \ White Lake, MI, United States
This horrible reaction to cilantro is essentially an allergic reaction. I have it. My mother had it. The first time I became aware of it, when I was 26 years old, was one evening at a dinner party my brother's wife put on. She made a very nice pasta dish with what looked to me like parsley in it. I took one bite of it and was disgusted. It tasted to me as though she had accidentally spilled the dish-washing liquid into the spaghetti pot. I looked around the table to see if any of the other 8 people present were having the same reaction. NO. They all seemed to love what they were eating. I couldn't take another bite. And since then I have figured out by trail and error that it was the cilantro.
This is not the fault of cilantro. It is a genetic glitch in the person who eats and hates it. It's not correct to bash the plant. It is not vile. Those of us who don;t like it have an innate intolerance of it. I cannot eat Thai food and many Mexican dishes because of the prevalence of cilantro in them. Big deal. This is hardly the most difficult thing in my life!

Mary Corrigan \ Providence, RI, United States
We were planning a big dinner with friends, which included peppers stuffed with bread crumbs and parsley. But instead of parsley, my nanny bought cilantro and i HATE cilantro!

Milly Daniel \ Bethesda, MD, United States
You guys are all a bunch of idiots. Nuff said.

\ , CA, United States
I on the other hand lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvve cilantro... I sell a product for a big farmers market, and 1 out of 10 hate it... but the thing I found most interesting is they all have the same quirky personality... Eloise K Burke

Eloise \ Boynton Beach, FL, United States
YUCK! That was my reaction the very first time I bit into a taco or burrito containing that hateful and disgusting weed-like thing called cilantro. There are only two kinds of people in this world: Those who like cilantro and those who gag on it. Cilantro haters unite!

Allen \ San Diego, United States


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