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A Story by Yo Mamma

I don't care about cilantro. I don't like it. but I don't hate it either. I have never ever ate cilantaro. I think this website is stupid. it should be "I Hate Brocoli" or "I Hate Sprou...

A Story by CilantroH8r517

when i was just a small youngling, brought forth into this brand new world, full of potential and positivity, i never thought I , with a capital i, would ever be persecuted to the full extent of the l...

A Story by Kid Who Likes Cilant


A Story by Ellie

cilantro decided to strangle me and i was very scared...

A Story by Ellieluse5

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A Story by Jade

Cilantro is good....

A Story by

i once ate cliantro
i lied
i didnt
but if i did i would waste my money making a website dedicated to just hating cilantro thats just stupid...

A Story by Carla

Growing up in Argentina, I was never exposed to cilantro in my food.
But there were lots of these, especially in summer:

A Story by Woodsmoke

The first time I encountered cilantro was a tragic, horrifying experience. It was right on a fucking table and it scarred me for life. It was just there, taunting me- knowing I had no power over it. I...

A Story by Felisha Bacon

cilantro ate my children and i am very sad it also ate my husband so erm bois if u need a 60 year old wife with over 10000 dollars then am the woman for u...

A Story by Shswdhsd


A Story by Yeetus Fetus

A cilantro killed my family 12 years ago. I have spent several hours a week to training myself to attack and kill cilantro....

A Story by Markii


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A Story by Vicky

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A Story by Cnp

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A Story by Noot Noot

you know, cilantro isn’t that bad. it kind of tastes like soap, but a nice soap. like a good, high quality, lush soap....

A Story by

so i was dipping my cock in butter when my ass started dispensing cilantro and i was like fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck ewwwwwwwwwwww
and then i ate it and it taste like shit and then i got lightning mcqueen t...

A Story by Harry Harvey

i was talking to my friend on discord when one of my friends walked in and gave me a pizza i thanked him and he walked away, the pizza looked GREAT i sunk my teeth into it but as i chewed i tasted som...

A Story by Angeliese Lazcano


A Story by Jotge