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A Story

Once apon a time, I was going to the grocery store with my mom, and my mom said "Why don't we get some cilantro?" I, of course, said yes because I didn't know what cilantro was, so I was very curious of what it would taste like. When we went home, I suddenly started to eat the cilantro. After, I threw up for 2 hours. After then, I was rushed to the hospital. The doctor said that "You consumed too much cilantro at one time. Your body hates cilantro." After that, my mom started to cry histericaly. "But I LOVE cilantro! I want all of my family to enjoy cilantro with me!!!" The doctor then replied "I'm sorry, but I have no other alternative but to kill you now. You see, if you love cilantro very much, you are probally going to give some to your son acidentaly." After that my mom was killed by lethal injection. My mommy died, all because of cilantro. I will for ever hate cilantro because of that. The End.