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A Story

It was CES 2015, and Luke and Linus had just finished a tedious day of exploring the booths. Linus pulls out his phone, when Luke proceeds to start stroking it gently, Linus gazes him right in Luke's warm welcoming eyes, with a look of confusion. "Why is he rubbing my phone so sensually?" Linus wondered to himself. Luke proceeds to lean in closer to Linus."Hey Linus why does your phone feel so smooth?" he asks. Linus stares at him, wondering how Luke could not know this majestic item, the item that every human being needs for a smooth, sexy, phone using experience. Linus leans towards Luke's ear slowly, brushing Luke's hair gently behind his ear so he can hear Linus's wise words loud and clear. "Well you see Luke, this is phantom glass, the best darn protectors out there." Linus whispered. Luke proceeded to sweep up Linus into his arms with joy, as they went to the Phantom Glass booth at CES together, and bought 30 screen protectors for Linus and Luke to use in the bedroom later.