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A Story

Stop hating on cilantro. As a kid, it was bullied so hard it tried to commit suicide, and was left with a permanent spinal injury that left it paralyzed. It had to go to a special school for young men with disabilities. Cilantro then developed an eating disorder, and his parents made the decision that he be homeschooled. Cilantro struggled his whole life. You all say cilantro tastes bad, TAKE A LOOK AT HIS GOD DAMN HISTORY. Cilantro is a hero, who had to deal with difficult things and closed-minded people. He was able to respect himself through a life of pain and to say that cilantro "tastes bad" is a truly unpatriotic statement. This country stands for people like cilantro. If we only judge what cilantro tastes like, how will we ever be able to see the true complexity of it. We have tried to tell it what it needs to be, not how to embrace what it could become. How do we know that cilantro doesn't contain rare, unique knowledge, that could later help us find the cure to cancer. We will never advance as a society if we keep looking at cilantro as "an herb that tastes putrid". So instead of wasting your time scrolling through this joke of a website, start realizing that this country is going to hell because of people like you. The people who are destroying this country aren't pineapple pizza lovers or feminists, they are the closed-minded people who are so quick to judge. So quick to say that cilantro tastes bad. But maybe if we give it another look, we can see its true possibilities.