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A Story

This all happened when I was eight years old, it has taken me years of therapy and processing to come to the conclusion that I need to share my story. It started when I moved into a new house with my family, my dad had left us a few months after my sister had died during infancy, so really it was just my mom and me, my dogs. The first couple months were good and I was really settling in well, that's when it started happening. It was small things at first like cold spots, things moving by themselves and my dogs barking at noting but as tie went on, I started to get bruises and scratches. One night though everything changed, I was watching a movie with my mom in the living room, when the house began to make strange noises, this did not alarm us because the house was fairly old but when my mother started to shake I became concerned. In the distance, I heard the garbage disposal go off, I laid my mom down and covered her in a blanket, I said I would be right back. As I walked to the kitchen to turn off the garbage disposal, I suddenly heard a window slam itself closed across the foyer, in a panic I ran to the kitchen, in there we have a door that goes into the garden. I looked at the light switch about to turn it on, that's when the screen door began to open and close with great fury and before I could comprehend I was pushed back by an invisible force right into the counter next to the sink where the garbage disposal was still running it swallowed up my hair before I could think I felt it tug and tug. The air was knocked out of me so I could not yell or scream, the only thing I could hear was the whirring of the garbage disposal, my panicked demeanor had changed in an instant when I heard the pained cries of my dear mother. "MOMMY!" I screamed, "What's happening!?", for moments I didn't hear a reply, but a strange growling sound filled the house, my head was being pulled closer to the disposal, I began to lose hope until I heard my mother yell to me," The taste and color, its horrible", the sound of my moms voice made me strang for a moment as I began to pull against the garbage disposal. I screamed in agony as I felt my hair begin to rip out, "Mommy! Mommy, I'm coming don't worry!" I said, finally I pulled one last time and felt my hair being torn out of my scalp, I fell to the floor unable to get up, it all went silent for a moment, until I heard my mother speak for the last time, "I no longer need your help, it is delicious, you must taste as well. There was one final cry of agony from my mother and then I heard nothing at all. I got up, my vision was tainted as I made my way to the living room. My mother was lying there dead on the floor, her throat and wrists were slit, I knelt down next to her, "What must I try mommy, what tastes horrible", I said, I went to hold her hand but I felt something, when I inspected I finally understood, because in her hand was cilantro. you took my mother from me and for that, I shall never forgive you. Damn you cilantro, damn you.