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A Story

the first time i came into contact with cilantro was when i was eating lunch and my annoying mom packed a bucket of cilantro for me to enjoy. i thought it was grass so i ate it and it was not grass. it was deesgusting and i threw up on the ugliest person in the room who happened to be eating a bucket of cilantro too. then he ate it and i screamed. i had to go the nurse. i suffered post-traumatic shock disorder and had terrifying flashbacks. i screamed in my sleep, and woke up in the middle of the night, terrified. I have tried to avoid cilantro, but one fateful day, i forgot. i went to chipotle, and ordered my usual, a mix of everything except for the rice, as it has cilantro in it. but the stupid barista person gave me rice, and thought i asked for extra cilantro! the disgusting herb slithered through my chipotle bowl. little did i know. i took a big bite, and quickly screamed at the top of my lungs. i fainted. i didnt want to be sat on by little melly so i spasmed on purpose so people could take me to the hospital, pump my stomach and take the dreaded herb out. i have never forgotten that moment, and cilantro will always be my biggest enemy.