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A Story

i miss the rains down in africa... but i can't ever return. The threat is too great. It all started in 1776 when donald trump sailed the ocean blue. It was a stormi jenner esk day she had just turned negative 300ish years old. the sky was a crisp pee color with a hint of big chungus vibes bro(ski). I was riding my feet to downtown when somebody told me ciliantro was like guacomole so i ate about 34 oz in 3 seconds. then all of a sudden it was like the second coming of thanos's snap and i felt the soap flavored slimy green substance rising in my throat. My throat was already soar from sucking dick and it felt like someone was washing it out with soap in an attempt to purify me. Then all of a sudden the great hilary rodam clit showed up to save me. Unfortunatly she had a coughing fit and died. i managed to jump into a giant pond of potato juice (aka tequila) then the cilantro jumped out of my throat and murderd my parents. then alfred had to raise me. later i became batman, but thats a whole other ted talk. The end my bitches.