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A Story

I used to like Indian Food but somehow all they do is smother it with cilantro (coriander in the UK). Several times we have ordered an Indian Takeaway and told them not to put coriander on it only to find that they have ignored this an poured it all over the food. I just can't bear the taste and can't even force myself to eat it. What is it about the stuff, it is the only thing I physically can't eat!!!

Comments about Mrs Deborah Cox's story

Cilantro and coriander are not different names for the same herb - one in the US and one in the UK. Cilantro is the leaf of the plant, what is generally used as garnish, and coriander is the seed. Sometimes, people who have the gene for the soap taste of cilantro don't have the same problem with the seed, coriander. Worth checking out so that you have more food options.

Posted by JP on Wed, Apr 18 2007 at 07:42:48 AM

yah i cant even have ONE bite of it. they never get the food right. i always check now at the resteraunt

Posted by yo momma on Fri, Mar 16 2007 at 09:47:32 AM

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