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, Austin

You might think, "why does Austin do this blog when he could ensconce himself to a private island with the millions he's earned as a writer?"

The truth is, I spent all my millions on the island before learning that cilantro is the only thing that grows there. That's why I'm looking for a job.

Ok, so neither pile of green in that story are real, but the job searching most definitely is and moonlighting as an anti-cilantro advocate never takes a holiday.

Case in point: I phone screened with a company that asked me to talk about a recent project I worked on. I mentioned this blog of course and lo and behold my prospective mentor was a cilantro hater too! Naturally I was invited to come in for an interview and when I did I delivered one of the IHC buttons I keep on hand for exactly this kind of situation.

In the end his opinion wasn't enough to sway the managers and I didn't get the job. But that's ok because not all is lost: another advocate in our ranks is a win for the greater cause!

(Those buttons, btw? They come in a coriander version, too).