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Cilantro Works Like a Harsh Chemical, Study Says

, The Staff

Scientists know a thing or two about chemicals and not surprisingly a recent study compares cilantro to one.

You know how Coca-Cola can clean rust off chrome and how Dave's Ghost Pepper hot sauce is an albeit delicious "great industrial cleaner and grease remover?"

Well another food of questionable edibility can be used in place of activated carbon and "harsher and more expensive chemicals" to remove toxic materials like lead from water.

We don't advocate for the taste of cilantro in our water, but if its soapy qualities are best used in water treatment plants to keep us safe then we believe that's where it belongs.

If you find anyone eating cilantro then please, implore them to donate their cilantro to your local municipal water department to make water safer for children and families.

Nobody who values future generations, health & well-being, or clean water should be greedily eating cilantro.



  • Lauralie caulkins

    Please don't put cilantro in the water, I'm deathly allergic to it and it will be the death of me. Trash it, ban it where it belongs