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What is cilantro

United States

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Jaiden Brought me here.

I also hate cilantro.

Orlando, FL
United States

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my moom gav me cillantrllo and i became da bad man and then the next night i diarreab everywher on house

Big Boy Man
Uganda, GA
Cape Verde

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This is my story


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I hate when I would order Thai take out but forgot to tell them NO CILANTRO !! Get home and spend the next twenty minutes finding and picking out every single piece of that disgusting, foul tasting weed.

Horatio Foster

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God dammit why does everyone put cilantro is salsa? It just ruins the flavor! Just... corrupts the stuff. Put a habañero in there instead - spicier and you get a nice mild peppery taste.

Bradenton, FL
United States

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yo cilantro sucks

No Thanks
Fuckoffmate, HI
United States

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I was six when I first experienced the horrid, foul tasting, spawn of Satan... cilantro. It tasted as if an elephant took a dump on soap then shoved it in my mouth. I died on the inside. The cilantro burned my throat, making it awfully hard to swallow. I just couldn;t eat it. I pushed it out of my system, coughing it into the trashcan where it belongs.

Kemble Haniler
Kingston, Jamacia

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it bad lol echs dee

No, ID
United States

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I dont like it


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Cilontros everywhere its its.......HORRIBLE

Your Mum
Tokyo, NE

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Cilantro more like cilan-no
I'm a human of below average qualities. MY life is a joke - Daniel Howell I like Phil Lester too. Can I stop now mom? Thanks MOM! I know you don't like cilantro but I think okay. OKAY? Thank you. Cilantro!!!! CILLLANTROOOOOOO! You are my worst enemy and you are standing right in front of me. PLease I want to eat your tasty leaves Just kidding you taste like an evergreen. MOM CAN I STOP NOW? THank you sheesh that person of this planet sumersaulting around the sun and the galaxy and universe. K PIECE.

England Is My City

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I hate cilantro cause its green and I hate green it reminds me of plamester north where I was traumatised by a forrest I hate green

Emperor Falcon
New Zealand

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So... I work at a indian tech support company, and my customer said to me Click the four flag windows key with the letter (r)
I did, and it brought me to this website. I really hate cilatro, and this is a good way to release my internal rage and hate for cilantro. Thank you so much.

My regards
Joshua Maderchod.

Joshua Maderchod
Bla Bla City, DE
United States

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roses are red
violets are blue
cilantro killed my family
and burned down my house

Shell City, HI

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I'm only here because of JaidenAnimations

Cilantro City, AZ
United States

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Que wea les pasa con el cilantro hijos de puta?
si es lo mejor que hay pa aliñar las comidas shushasdesumare

Anarquista Opresor
Santiago Po Oe

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Last time I ate cilantro I got food poisening and threw up 20 times in a day.
So whenever I smell, taste or even think about cilantro, i throw up.

Julie Guld
Vejle Øst

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jaiden animations shouted you out in "my random thoughts'' lololololol

Jaiden Animations
Phoenix Arizona, AZ
United States

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I fuckin hate cilantro. They're always givin me shit. Like yesterday, I was walking down the street and a car drove by and said "hey baby want sum fuk?" like who the fuck would do something like that. Only a man by the name of Dinkleschwortz McSalisbury. This guy. Lemme tell ya he's fuckin toxic like super toxic. I would have sexy time with a snail though.


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Who's here from watching a Jaiden Animations video?

Oceanside, NY
United States

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I ate some cilantro on a taco and changed my life. I never ate cilantro again. I shared this my hatred with my friends. Cilantro tastes like shit. I can't stand mexican food anymore. I started a protest against cilantro.

United States

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my story about cilantro was so tragic I decided not to tell anyone about this deep hatetred. I still won't share it because this is the internet and I don't want to get bullied. Have a good day :)

Whittier, CA
United States

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my mom hates cilantro and she thinks it tastes like crapes. HATE ASIAN FOODS AND I LIKE TO EAT CRAP WITH CILANTRO WHICH I AM A DOG SIKE MY DOG LIKES POOP AND OTHER FOODS BECAUSE SHE IS A GOD DOG THE HATES CILANTRO AND SHE S A MEMBER OF IHATECILANTRO.COM CUZ SHE HATES CILANTRO LIKE ME! And if you hate cilantro then eat crap instead of food becuse you do not matter more than crap cuz your asian

Flachling, AP

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I was watching a video one day by Jaiden and she said that there was a website called so I can here although i don't really care about cilantro sooooo.....

Derp Doop
That One City

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idk it just tastes bad kinda
i was eating spaghetti and ate soem of it the end

Swvrhrwv, IL

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United States

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Cilantro tastes like dead children. It is disgusting. Fight against it.

, VA
United States

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United States

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once i ate a cilantro and choked on it.


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My dad was killed by cilantro and then my dog but carrots killed my mom

United States

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It got stuck up my nose so I had to get it sirgicly removed

United States

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I ate it before and it tasted like mint and it was bad and its not good kill it

Hell, CT
United States

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I like cilantro because i'm evil and stuff


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i am sad. cilantro is bad. help me.


United States

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the first time i tried cilantro it was the most expensive " vegetable " on the market. I had a liken to vegetables and i wanted to try is before all this newfangled technology messed up my life. It was 69 cents ( gottem ) and i had saved up all week. I tried it and it was like the devil came into my mouth. I blame the asians for this mishap. I want it gone before i die at 500 years old. When i say i hate cilantro no one believes me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sincerely, Disappointed

Granny Smith
UpYours, HI
United States

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Melon bobo will remove cilantro

Melon Bobo
Holy Melon, GA

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Fuck Cilantro
Fuckcilantro, CA
United States

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Cilantro El Diablo 3!!!!

Hanover, MD
United States

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New York
United States

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cilantro just walked in and stole this thing that is stupid ummmmmmmm no that was cilantro

Poop, IN
United States

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i ate cilantro once. it was horrible.

Billy Mays
Chicago, DC
United States

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it physically attacked me. like it hopped up and smacked me

City, GA
United States

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To me cilantro taste to like dirty copper. Why add this leaf to such great food? Do people pretend to like it because they want to seem cool? It overtakes any flavor the food it pairs with has.

Please stop adding cilantro to already great dishes. Leave it where it belongs, as greenery on the horizon.

Corpus Christi, TX
United States

Comments: 1564

i cant even think about it
i cry every time

Strider, TX
United States

Comments: 1472

Cilantro indeed tastes like SOAP to me. I do have a threshold amount though---usually at Chipotle, I can handle the cilantro-lime rice in my burrito, but if there is a large piece of cilantro, I can taste it, and it ruins my burrito.

New Albany, OH
United States

Comments: 826

i odnt have any arms and its all cinatros cilantros am i aspellign this right.

Uhhhhhhh Philadelphi
United States

Comments: 3500

I just really hate cilantro it stinks and tastes like poo

New Orleans, LA
United States

Comments: 8

This shit needs to be banned. Damn nasty.
The worst shit ever.

Fuck Cilantro

Comments: 17

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