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Username: JayNA02
Member for: 13.71 years
Last Login: August 1, 2009
Sex: F
Age: 39
Location: Syracuse  NY
United States
Stance: I hate cilantro.

What does cilantro taste like to you?
Most Hated Cilantro-Containing Food:
Anything that you expect to be excellent, then to take a bite and find it is loaded with cilantro.
Do people in your family hate cilantro, too? Who?
Not sure...have to ask around.
If cilantro were a historical malevolent dictator, who would it be? Why?
My cilantro story, first experience, recent anecdote, rant, etc...
I remember these awesome quesadillas my freshman year of college. The first time I ordered one, it came stuffed with some green leafy herb. I thought, how can a quesadilla taste so horrible? I looked at the menu description and saw "cilantro". That was when I learned that I disliked cilantro. For the record, the quesadilla without the cilantro was awesome!! I can instantly pick it out in any has such a strong taste. When there is too much of it in a dish, it ruins the meal for me. Several co-workers dislike cilantro as well, and we've had funny conversations about its dish soap resemblence. Now I know there are tons of other people out there with the same taste buds!!
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Comments left for JayNA02:
i think this is the first time someone has specified what kind of soap it tastes like. to me, it's not soap but something bad - soured. like the way terpentine smells really strong and overwhelming. blue cheese is like that for me too.

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