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Username: Pamela Olmedo
Member for: 20 days
Last Login: August 27, 2019
Sex: F
Stance: I hate cilantro.

What does cilantro taste like to you?
Most Hated Cilantro-Containing Food:
All of them
Do people in your family hate cilantro, too? Who?
I am the only one in the family who hates cilantro
If cilantro were a historical malevolent dictator, who would it be? Why?
It's not a dictator or even a person, but I think it coud have been an Egyptian plague.
My cilantro story, first experience, recent anecdote, rant, etc...
More about me:
I don't know why I started hating cilantro, but one of the most disgusting experiences with this food happened when I was 12. It was my birthay an mom invited some of my friends, we were playing on my room when she called us, it was time to eat. On my plate I saw some flutes (they are tortilla with shredded chicken), and we eat all of them, I think they were really delicious because they tasted to evaporated milk, everithing changed when she said they were made by cilantro... Now I hate flutes too. PD: My english it's not good, sorry for that.

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