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Username: glasswall
Member for: 12.19 years
Last Login: August 21, 2007
Sex: M
Age: 118
Stance: I hate cilantro.

What does cilantro taste like to you?
Most Hated Cilantro-Containing Food:
Do people in your family hate cilantro, too? Who?
NO! thats the problem!
If cilantro were a historical malevolent dictator, who would it be? Why?
Stalin. His surreptitious and ruthless suppression of everyone, brash style and hypocritical nature is akin to the flavour of cilantro and its corrupting effect on other foods.
My cilantro story, first experience, recent anecdote, rant, etc...
8 years ago. It was in mom's curry. I hated it, but I had to eat the whole serving. Mom didnt understand why I was complaining. I knew not the name of the corrupting factor. It ruined that holiday.
More about me:
For many years I hated it, even from my first taste of it. For a few years I did not even know the name of that fell enemy. Then I learned its name. I told them how terrible cilantro is. They didnt believe me. They wouldnt change the recipe. Thus, I accepted it as an inevitable possiblity in every dining experience. For years I have soldiered through countless salads and curries, all containing that which I hate. Now I know there are others who hate it even more than I. I am heartened by the discovery of this bastion of defence against the culinary evils of cilantro. Now I will no longer tolerate the presence of cilantro. Thank you all, for your inspiring words.
My Haikus
Mysterious taste,
Just moments before impact.
Now I rue the day
A finer torture,
Oh! There yet has never been.
My nightmare in green.
Mother, please, tell me!
What is the dirty secret?
It mars your curry!
So alone, in this,
They will not listen to me!
Tastes of nickel-piss.
A thousand deaths I
Have had, though soldiered through them.
My tongue is withered.

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