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Username: katie_blech
Name: Katie
Member for: 13.48 years
Last Login: April 24, 2006
Sex: F
Age: 40
Location: San Francisco  CA
United States
Stance: I hate cilantro.

What does cilantro taste like to you?
Most Hated Cilantro-Containing Food:
I hate nothing more than cilantro in my otherwise delicious burrito.
Do people in your family hate cilantro, too? Who?
NO! ?????
If cilantro were a historical malevolent dictator, who would it be? Why?
Genghis Khan, because cilantro is THAT bad.
My cilantro story, first experience, recent anecdote, rant, etc...
Since a teaspoon of palmolive was my mom's punishment of choice when I spouted off profanities as a kid, I know palmolive when I taste it. And I started tasting it in my Dad's dinner salads it in the early nineties. Salad was ruined from thereon. Thanks Dad. Thanks alot. Honestly, I don't even know where he was buying all this cilantro in 1993 in suburban CT, but he did. Ugh.
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