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Everyone has a cilantro story, but some are easier to tell than others. No matter what your experience was we ask that you find the words (and the strength) to tell us about it. The community at is a strong and supportive one. Your story might be the one that resonates with the disheartened traveler, warns a young child of danger lurking in his pantry at home, or reaches a newly trained chef before he makes the mistake that could ruin his career forever.

As your muse, the staff at offers the following suggestions:

- Explain the circumstances around your first run-in with cilantro. Where were you? How old were you? When exactly did you realize that cilantro was something to avoid? What were your thoughts at the time? What did you bring away from the experience?

- Describe in detail your worst cilantro mishap. Perhaps you were at a potluck dinner with some misguided friends. Maybe it happened while experimenting with the Asian grocery store when you moved to your new apartment. Were you at a family gathering or corporate event and required to be on your best behavior? How did you and those around you react? Did you feel isolated and misunderstood or was a friend helpful and sympathetic?

- What have you done to spread the word about cilantro? How do people react when you try to warn them against it? In your community, are people more likely to be enlightened or in denial of the malignancy that characterizes coriandrum sativum? Have you made friends by sharing your knowledge of its vileness? Enemies?

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Nov 21, 2019