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A Story by Paige

My story began with my favorite dish of all time, guacamole. I was but a young teen who had a passion for avocados and guacamole-- my mom is known for her recipe. She keeps it quite simple, just the a...

A Story by JL

Hello my name is JL. I hate cilantro with all my heart. I have to rant before I tell my story tho. WHY does cilantro smell like stink bugs that have been crushed (ew but true)? That's the first straw....

A Story by Anna

I was 16. My grandmother had bought a frozen prepared dish. Noodles.
At first I thought that it was awful because it was a frozen prepared dish: spongy meat ball, clocked in a plastic bowl.

A Story by Eric The Fuck Head

A few years ago, I went to a friend, friends house. I really didn't want to go because I despised this person, but my friend convinced me to go. When we got to the hose it stank like, old musty fanny,...

A Story by Ally And Jordyn

I was just happily hanging out in the grocery store, when I found some delicious-looking pasta. I was like, "hey, that looks rather tasty. Maybe I should try some." I picked out a bowl of pasta, and, ...

A Story by Lilly

I was little, maybe 7, when my dad was cooking dinner. he handed me this small green plant and told me to try it. i made the mistake of actually eating it. it tasted strongly of soap and made me small...

A Story by Lezlie Jackson

I was a happy teenage girl. I had friends, a boyfriend, a family, a roblox account, and an overall great life. My boyfriend, Lewis, took me out to a fancy mexican restaurant for my 17th birthday. I go...

A Story by James

Me and my sister were in Taiwan, and we ordered the "maki" which is basically pork in glutinous soup and should be a joyful bowl of goodness for the cold weather. To our horror, the person creating th...

A Story by Anonymus

This is my cilantro story. One day, in my kindergarten years, we had a "bring-something-healthy-to-school-day." Sounds fake, but this is legit. Everyone brought something healthy, I remember I brought...

A Story by Homseas

I can't really remember my first encounter with the greens themselves. However, this is what it tastes like to me:

Imagine you're walking on the beach along the ocean front. You are having ...

A Story by Hannah

When my favorite chef 'jamie oliver' put herb called 'coriander' on everything, I felt like I already love the herb. Then I visited my boyfriend(now husband) in United kingdom and he took me to little...

A Story by Anton

Hi there,
I encountered cilantro decades ago in Mexico and I hate it at the very first taste. Cilantro is very common in Mexico although my Mexican friends say: " Either you love or hate cilantro...

A Story by PermitHerple

This one time when i was like 7 or 8, my mom took us to this taco place and i asked for a chicken taco and it was filled to the brim with cilantro and my mom made me eat the whole thing. It was this g...

A Story by Susan "I-Hate-C

A few years ago when I was 23 years old, I bought a new home that had a wonderful kitchen. My husband and I thought it would be nice to cook Italian as the first meal for the first day of living in ou...

A Story by

One time when i was five, I had a salad and wanted to die because it tasted so bad. I was walking to the washroom when I barfed all over the carpet. That was the first time I had tasted cilantro.

A Story by Burn Cilantro, Burn

It happened when I was twelve. My and me loved to cook, we ate everything. My mom turned to me one day and goes, “we’ve never cooked with cilantro.” And I sat there and was like, “what in the ...

A Story by

Cilantro: A Sonnet
Shall I compare thee to a cilantro
Thou art less soapy, still a useless spice.
It is tasteless and the shittiest bro,
It makes us all cry which is not nice

A Story by The Good Doctor

There I was, eating dinner, feeling like a true winner
It was nothing to boast, just some bacon and toast
As a culinary beginner, I felt like a true sinner
If I didn't try something ...

A Story by Anaya

Me and my friends were playing concentration.
I was in an intense battle with my rival for the title of concentration master.
The topic was food.
The more common ones were used up quick...

A Story by Liz

It was a cold Monday morning in January. I remember it raining a little when I woke up. Now, when I was younger, and still today, I sleep in really late, so it was about 11:30 at the time. I was 10. I...