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A Story by Susan "I-Hate-C

A few years ago when I was 23 years old, I bought a new home that had a wonderful kitchen. My husband and I thought it would be nice to cook Italian as the first meal for the first day of living in ou...

A Story by

One time when i was five, I had a salad and wanted to die because it tasted so bad. I was walking to the washroom when I barfed all over the carpet. That was the first time I had tasted cilantro.

A Story by Burn Cilantro, Burn

It happened when I was twelve. My and me loved to cook, we ate everything. My mom turned to me one day and goes, “we’ve never cooked with cilantro.” And I sat there and was like, “what in the ...

A Story by

Cilantro: A Sonnet
Shall I compare thee to a cilantro
Thou art less soapy, still a useless spice.
It is tasteless and the shittiest bro,
It makes us all cry which is not nice

A Story by The Good Doctor

There I was, eating dinner, feeling like a true winner
It was nothing to boast, just some bacon and toast
As a culinary beginner, I felt like a true sinner
If I didn't try something ...

A Story by Anaya

Me and my friends were playing concentration.
I was in an intense battle with my rival for the title of concentration master.
The topic was food.
The more common ones were used up quick...

A Story by Liz

It was a cold Monday morning in January. I remember it raining a little when I woke up. Now, when I was younger, and still today, I sleep in really late, so it was about 11:30 at the time. I was 10. I...

A Story by Mono Joli

Cake Games for you - for your eyes only
Making a cake is not an easy process. All good chefs know this! You, young apprentice, have come to learn how to make good cakes, no, no... EXCELLENT cakes,...

A Story by Havinka Bobinka

i was only 13 when this happened.
a family reunion on a hot summer's day, it was. i was sitting listening to fall out boy, rawring with my roleplay budz. then i saw it. my second cousin twice remo...

A Story by JIN NING

When I first smelled the Cilantro, I was doomed to hate it all my life. It tastes like detergent. We have some Cilantro on this noodle, and I'll get it out one by one....

A Story by Megan

So I was at the groccery store and I was buying food for a party I was going to host at my house. I was walking down the fruits and veggies isle and I saw it. Back then I had not tasted cilantro but...

A Story by Someone On A Compute

my mom took me to a grocery store, she got spaghetti, bacon and cilantro. she put the cilantro in the spaghetti. It was horrible. she took me back to the grocery store to get more cilantro, then she a...

A Story by Bri

I'm a collage student. and I went to buy some salsa because my friend works for a Mexican restaurant for his family ( they are really well off, lucky dude. ) He gave me a bag of chips in bulk. I have ...

A Story by Mary Elbert

When I was at Berkeley High school, our last programming class task was to compose an application ourselves.

This was in 2009, and I didn't have a cell phone yet not at all like some of my a...

A Story by Corlantro

I was born on a rainy spring night; nothing unusual for a spring night. My mother is cilantro but my father is coriander. Together, somehow, they made a human child. I've lived my whole life surrounde...

A Story by TheCavalry

Before I continue, I must warn you that this is not for the easily scared. Cilantro is a dangerous and touchy topic that you should not be looking into if you under a certain age. With that said, let'...

A Story by Ed Sheeran

back in the day when cilantro was prohibited, all the people were happy and lived in harmony
when they legalized cilantro the world was split; the lovers and the haters.
there was...

A Story by Cate

My friend eats just straight cilantro for lunch sometimes. She forced me to eat it one time. I hated it. The end...

A Story by Oswald

So basically once i ate some coriander, and i thought i died first up.
Then i realised it was actually just the extremely bad taste of this vicious plant.
This is my story....

A Story by Devil Weed Hater

Deep from the culinary battle lines of Southern California I write to you today to express the need for help in this grave hour. For the past week we've been up to our ankles in mushy tomato water a...