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A Story by Jerald

So the first time it was night, and my family decided to try something new to eat and we settled on some stir fried chinsee food. When I had a slice if the egg, I thought that the pan that the egg was...

A Story by Rika

My name is Rika,a middle school student in China.
In many countries,we used cilantro in cooking as a herb,such as in China,we often use it for dumplings. But many foreigne...

A Story by Iphone8case

Since I was young, I hate eating cilantro, my parents have been forcing me to eat, saying it is very nutritious. So far, I've seen cilantro scare, don't say eat. Always think coriander has a foul smel...

A Story by Skil3z

So I literally discovered this plant from hell today.. I had tasted the soapy and plasticy taste of coriander before but never payed more attention to it than "Eww this is disgusting". That all change...

A Story by

It was a cold Friday in January, and I'd had a very bad week. I was planning to spend some time taking care of some business in a neighboring town, about an hour's drive away. A friend of mine, who ...

A Story by Xialingfeng

When I eat tofu curd, the first time to eat coriander, tasteless gas and angry, I put the bowl upside down on the table. Later grew up to participate in the work, a variety of dishes to the cafeteria ...

A Story by Zoe

Okay hi I'm here because of an Idubbbz video. Some of you may hate me for that, but it is what it is. I have been hating cilantro throughout my entire life and oddly enough I don't recall meeting anyo...

A Story by Cindy



A Story by Jesse

I bought a bag of coleslaw, coleslaw is safe right? WRONG!
Before this i'd never even tasted the plant, an entire bag of coleslaw is tainted with dishsoap leaves!
Who the hell puts Cilantro ...

A Story by Talia McDonald

I. Hate. Cilantro.

I'm Australian, and we call it coriander here. Even the name makes me cringe. I had my first run in with the devil weed when I was about 20 years old- I hastily bought a...

A Story by Fengjinren


A Story by Realdie

Say the password, or kill you
No, I wouldn't say it even if you killed me
ask him to eat Cilantro
"lob5536", I said...

A Story by 舒小服

我就先问问你们,说香菜好吃的 是不是吃香菜之前 没有吃过草 比TM草都难吃!...

A Story by Doro-Man (By 沈晨

Once, I went to a noodle house. The noodle house name is "Lanzhou stretched noodles". ("Lanzhou stretched noodles" is very famous in China. The stretched noodles always with beef and cilantro.)

A Story by 宁道长

I don't like cilantro and celery ,both them smell bad and i can semll them over 100 meters.
A lots of chinese restaurants like put Cilantro in each soup and many dishes. So when i after ordered , ...

A Story by


A Story by Wocalage


A Story by 祝元均zhuyuanjun

So to speak, I just start to feel eat caraway is a bit strange, there is a kind of fragrance, there is a kind of soap, and the smell of grass. But I'm in love with it gradually, eat soybean curd (trad...

A Story by John

For the first 20-25 years of my life, Cilantro had played no part, blissful years you could say, it was an unfortunate set of circumstances that led to the introduction of this bastard herb/weed into ...

A Story by

My introduction to cilantro was at a salad bar in San Diego in the early eighties. I took a bite and immediately went back and said, "There's something rotten in my salad." They looked at m...