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A Story


The first time I came across coriander (I'm in UK) was in curry. I kept telling my boyfriend that every so often I'd come across this really vile taste in my curry, had he noticed it, and if so did he know what it was? He hadn't noticed anything. The time of 'revelation' came when I was recuperating after an operation and was given some home-made soup. It was covered with the green leaves and it made the soup so foul that I had to leave it and ask my hostess what the leaves were. Then I knew! I have tried to avoid it ever since, but it's such a 'trendy' ingredient, isn't it, and comes as a little 'surprise' addition too frequently. I'm actually a raw fooder and recently when we went to a Greek restaurant in UK I ordered a Greek salad minus the feta. It came covered in coriander! I've holidayed on ten Greek islands and NEVER have I seen coriander used on a Greek salad. I tried picking it all off, but it was pretty well and truly mixed in. Interestingly, I think I'm OK with the 'ground coriander' from jars - it's just the leaves that I find vile. Debbie Took, Reading, Berkshire, UK