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Wait! Is it Coriander or Cilantro?
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A Story

I figured out a few years back that I hated coriander. It felt good to finally but a name on the thing that had been ruining perfectly good meals time and time again with its putrid taste. On one of my first dates with my boyfriend, he took me to a vegetarian restaurant that supposedly had great burritos. He asked me outright "Do you like cilantro? Because I hate it and you have to ask for them to not use it." I told him smugly that the only thing I hated was coriander. BIGGEST mistake ever. I quick wikipedia search later that night and I learned that they were one and the same. Why do there have to be two names for such an awful thing? Can't we just call it "Satan's plant" and be done with it? My confusion might have stemmed from Canadian English being in limbo between the US and the UK. The two terms are used pretty interchangeably here.