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A Story

I managed to escape the evil that is cilantro until I was well into my 20's, and was lucky enough to be surrounded by loving friends who were able to explain and comfort me through the experience.

A couple of years ago my husband and I went to eat at a Mexican restaurant with some friends, said restaurant being well known for the authenticity of its food. The food was delicious in general: great nachos, fantastic mole poblano, yummy churros. The only black mark was the salsa. The first bite I took, my mouth was filled with burning soap. Really burning! So, I did what any sensible human being would do and took another bite. Nope, the burning was still there and my lips were starting to feel numb. When someone else at the table exclaimed that there was far too much cilantro in the salsa, I knew what the problem was and ate my nachos "virgin" from then on. T

Throughout the evening our table was cleared regularly, but the salsa remained (although we were all out of nachos). We were joking about how maybe it was a subtle hint that we were supposed to eat the salsa as an accompaniment with everything, including the vanilla ice cream that came with dessert. Never one to pass up an opportunity to potentially harm myself for the amusement of others (future Darwin Award recipient...), I proceeded to take a bite of vanilla ice cream and, yes, cilantro-laden salsa.

It was what I imagine licking an ashtray that hasn't been washed in 30 years tastes like. But worse.
And the taste STUCK.
And stuck.
And stuck, despite copious amounts of water and Sprite and churros.

Now, I know I have only myself to blame, but the "flavour sensation" attack I experienced only goes to prove the horror of cilantro. You would never find a nice sprig of parsley or bunch of spinach leaves causing such levels of taste defilement! (It makes me wonder - has there been an Iron Chef cilantro battle? I can totally picture them making cilantro ice cream.)

I've learned my lesson and give the evil weed a wide berth now.