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A Story

For years I would have severe reactions when I ate certain chicken dishes. After taking about two bites of food I would have trouble breathing and become extremely lighheaded and dizzy. My face would turn bright red. I would wake up in the middle of the night itching like crazy all aver my body. I had no clue as to what was causing this. I could make a mexican style chicken dish at home and have no issues. I just began avoiding any dises with sauces when I went out.
I traveled to China 6 years ago and started having the same reaction to most of the dishes there. I had to spend the remainder of my trip eating plain rice and granola bars.
I finally put it all together after watching the food network and noticing that cilantro is in most mexican chicken dishes and it's seed form of corriander is a lot of asian food.
I am highly allergic!!!!! Finally I knew why!!! I have to take great pains to make sure that my food does not contain any of that soapy tasting green pieces. I stay away from Chinese food. There are times when the wait staff has told me I have a cilantro free dish only for me to stop breathing after a taste(I live in San Diego-they are big fans of the stuff around here). I have figured out that if I chug 4-5 glasses of water I can minimize the effects.
The stuff is not just aweful, it's almost deadly!!!!