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A Story

It was 32 years ago. I remember the exact moment as if it were yesterday!!! I was staying with friends and our toddlers at a cottage on the beach. Both of us moms were excited about cooking, we wanted to try a new dish that had this herb called "cilantro." --the mouth watering anticipation, the excitement of being on vacation, cooking while the kids made sand castles--- And then the awful denouement!!!! I, a veteran cook, was flabbergasted by the horrible taste. I could believe it!!!

Then to my horror, this herb began to appear everywhere, it seemed to be the new designer herb. I had never seen it in Mexican salsa, one of my favorite foods. Suddenly it was there. I had never seen it in Chinese dishes. Suddenly it was there. It would turn up in the most innocuous dishes, and I unsuspecting would be gagging. Sometimes when TRAPPED by it in restaurants, I can pick it out. But usually it is so mixed in, I can't.

Now I have learned to ask ahead of time when dining in a restaurant. I felt so alone and stupid in my hatred of this little herb, so finding this website is amazing to me. I am not alone!!!