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A Story

My first experience with Cilantro came in college - about 10 years ago. My housemate was a professional chef and always cooking great meals for everybody. One day, though, he hit us with some "Indian Food" . . can't remember what he called it . .

Anyway . .it was COVERED in Cilantro. I had never tasted Cilantro before and almost ralphed immediately. I couldn't believe anybody would eat this . .stuff . . on purpose! It tastes like soap and completely over-powers any dish it is a part of.

Now-a-days I try to avoid the stuff but, of course, it is hard to do. I just finished picking some off a taco . which prompted me to type "I hate Cilantro" into Google . .imagine my surpise at finding this site!

So, in conclusion, Cilantro really sucks.