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A Story

I didn't know cilantro was the villain when I instigated a boycot of the school cafeteria on the basis that someone had put soap in the food. Others agreed that it tasted like soap in the food. We refused to purchase food from the place...The idea spread, and it shut down the school cafeteria operations for a while. This was in high school.

Years later I tasted the same taste of "Tide" soap powder in my food again...and inquired what it was. I was informed it was cilantro. I thought I was alone in this interpretation of cilantro's taste until today when I heard a cook on TV mention that some folks think cilantro tastes like soap--and it's because they are missing some sort of enzyme. In initial search does not uncover any further information on the missing enzyme....Do any of you know?

Today I heard someone on TV say that folks who think