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A Story

Years ago it was fashionable to prepare food with balsamic vinegar. I didn't know what it tasted like, but it was in everything so I tried it and guess what? You can keep it! I hated it. What's worse? Cilantro/culantro/corainder/parsley. When you eat something loaded with parsley it takes over the entire dish, just like too much oregano, but when you eat something and THINK it's parsley and immediately hate the taste, fell a hot sensation, and start to feel your throat get scared. I don't know why people still use this stuff after so many bad reactions. Why not offer it on the side? I was in a crowded noisy chain restaurant in my area called Houlihan's. The music was blasting so loud when I ordered, I guess the server couldn't hear me. I ordered a salad with grilled chicken and specifically asked for NO CILANTRO because I had figured out after a couple of bad experiences and asking people what that green stuff was cilantro that was making me sick. I also asked for a cup of tea with milk because half and half tastes great in coffee but not so good in tea. He served me a salad with EXTRA CILANTRO and a tall glass of cold milk! I sent back the salad because I couldn't pick out all the cilantro, and my co-workers made me feel like I was nuts. I see that balsamic vinegar is no longer "the thing". I am hoping cilantro and baggy jeans that fall down and show a young man's boxer shorts will also go out of fashion very, very soon. I love the local public tv show called Daisy Cooks with Daisy Fuentes, but my God! She doesn't only use TONS of cilantro in every dish, but she adds culantro to it also. What is wrong with these people? Even if it didn't gag me and make my throat close, I still wouldn't use it because - hello people? - IT TASTES REALLY, REALLY BAD!!! I am Italian and I don't use tons of oregano in everything; it's too strong. I don't even like when people use a ton of [American] parsley in everything. My mom was born in Itally and she prefers American parsley to Italian parsley because she said the Italian parsley is too strong and bitter in flavor. Wake up people...just because it's your culture or it's in "style" doesn't mean it's good. It's like The Emperor's New Clothes....everyone goes along with it, but if you get these stupid "friends" of yours to actually eat a handful of the stuff and tell you HONESTLY how they think it tastes, if they have a brain in their head they'll admit it tastes horrible. And if they insist it tastes fine and think you're nuts and make fun of you in a restaurant....they are not your friends. Thay are idiots....just like the ones who watched me and laughed when my mouth felt hot and my throat started closing up. I am shocked and happy to find this site; I thought I was alone. Happy 2008!