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A Story

I decided to make a dish that one of my favorite restuarants makes. They top it off with a few cilantro leaves. I wanted to be cool like that so I bought some. Before put it in the food I was taking bites of the dish and everything was fine. I put the cilantro in there and suddenly it became nasty. I could not figure out why so I came and googled cilantro to find out more about it and its taste. That is when I discovered this website. I laughed at the thought but clicked on the link anyway while also reading about it on wikipedia in another tab. They described the soapy taste and I didn't believe it so I grabbed some leaves (not just one) and chewed. I cannot believe that awful taste comes from a plant!! I may as well have drank dish soap. All of that was about 10 minutes ago so I am still weirded out. Thank goodness for this website!!!!(1-18-08)