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A Story

About 30 years ago, I had a friend who was Peruzian, and she kept telling me how she missed an herb tht was used extensively in their food in Peru and wondered how she could obtain it in Oregon. She told me the herb was called cilantro. I helpfully suggested that she buy some corinader seeds and plant them, because, being a person who cooked and read recipes, I knew that coriander was the seed of the herb, altho' I had never tasted either myself. She, being desperate for the taste of the herb, did as I suggested and borrowed some land from another friend who lived in the country for the purpose of planting a garden. The cilantro garden flourished and was the bane of the country. The Peruvian was delighted and the friend from whom she rented the land was horrified when rows and rows and rows of the stuff grew waist high! I still had not tasted it, but eventually I stored a bit in my refrigerator and was disgusted at the smell everytime I opened the door. Eventually, I used it in some kind of food I prepared and was horrified at the taste. I blame myself, in part, for the horrific malignancy of the cinlantro invasion of the U.S. and regret sincerely, my part in leading an immigrant toward obtaining the awful stuff!