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A Story

I first encountered cilantro in some homemade salsa that my mom made. I couldn't get over how horrible it was and how I was the only one who seemingly noticed. At that time, I didn't know it was cilantro, and didn't figure it out until years later! The only way I can describe the taste is that it tastes what I envision poop would taste like mixed with soap. (Weird, I know, and I've only seen one other person on this site who thought it tasted like poop would taste, if one so felt inclined to eat it). Gross, gross, gross. My friends are always telling me to get over it...but they can't taste it like I do. Pure evil, ss soon as cilantro hits my palate...I have a violent urge to regurgitate and I spend a minute dry-heaving. If you put me on Fear Factor, cilantro is the only thing I wouldn't eat for $50,000. I wish every leaf of cilantro on Earth would spontaneously combust, leaving only a distant memory of its soapy poopness. Oh, P.S., in addition to cilantro being in Thai, Indian and Mexican cuisine...add Moroccan to that list. P U K E. I am so glad I found this site; I can finally vent my distaste to people who understand! lol :-)