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A Story

OK, so tell me how cilantro fits into ITALIAN cuisine. The cook at this small Italian restaurant obviously did not possess an adequate sense of smell--or sight--when he picked up cilantro at the market instead of Italian parsley. I ordered Tuscan bean soup and it arrived covered with cilantro. Being a longtime cilantro HATER, I didn't even need to taste it to know what was on my soup. I sent it back and explained that the cook must have used cilantro instead of parsley. The replacement bowl of soup came back but the cook had only stirred the hateful green bits into the soup so he could "hide" them on me. One taste and I almost started crying, the flavor was so disgusting. I had to wipe off my tongue and still, the taste wouldn't go away. It is vile, vile, vile. The taste of this herb permeates food so thoroughly IT RUINS EVERYTHING IT TOUCHES.