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A Story

I first determined there was something I was allergic to in Tex-Mex food when my tongue would swell up and my mouth cover itself in blisters. As I got older, I got a job and was promoted to a cashier in a grocery store. I quickly learned the source of my Tex-Mex food allergy. Everytime a customer would come through with cilantro and it was near me, I would begin to sneeze, break out in hives, and itchy, watery eyes. I asked the customers to personally bag that one themselves because of a severe allergy that I could not even touch it. Only by asking my customers what they USED the disgusting thing in, did I figure out it was the ingredient in Tex-Mex that I could not have. Over the years, I can no longer eat anything in it at all without going into anaphylactic shock. I have to be VERY careful in buying food in the groceries stores that advertice spicy or medium anything. It seems that every company must contain a LUNATIC that needs the stuff in everything. I have also heard word that many companies are actually considering using it as a preservative. Lo and behold if that ever comes to pass. For those of you who DO like guacamole, I can successfully say that the plain Avomex guacamole contains NO cilantro. Also, I have many Hispanic friends, and NATIVE Mexican food does NOT contain cilantro..most do not even like it.