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A Story

I never knew I had a cilantro problem until 1995.

That was the year I started finding the stuff in ever-larger pieces on my ethnic food. And even larger pieces on my "modern fusion cuisine". One camp emboldened the other, and next thing you know it's the largest ingredient by weight in my Banh Mi, my Pho, my Chaat wraps, and even showing up in my sushi. Enough!!

Cilantro is a seasoning, not a g-ddamn vegetable. Little sprinkled bits are one thing (an objectionable flavor to me, but subtle enough to ignore.) The problem are the huge freaking tree-branches of the stuff, the tufts of leaves, the bushels of green that adorn so many dishes. If we could relegate it back to the realm of garnish, we wouldn't have these problems. I can handle the flavor when it's just a sprinkle.

This is the same crap that happened with basil when people started using huge leaves of the stuff when just a sprinkling will do fine. That too is not a vegetable, but a seasoning.

What's next, munching on whole twigs of raw lemongrass?