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A Story

Last night I went to a favorite Tandoori restaurant with my wife and some friends. I have known for some time that I dislike cilantro as I once had it sprinkled on some pizza and I couldn't finish the pizza slice - unheard of for me. I ordered my usual garlic naan bread which, the menu read, was sprinkled with cilantro. I meant to ask for it without the disgusting herb, but the conversation diverted my attention. I figured that I would just chance it since it was only a light garnish. Soon into the meal I felt an ache in my stomach and a discomfort that permeated down to my intestines. Cilantro had also been put on the saffron rice but I had not noticed. I spent some quality social time in the restaurant bathroom. It ruined my evening out.
I did some quick research and the disgusting taste/reaction is apparently caused by a congenital enzyme that is not present in the whole population. Too bad, it should be.