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A Story

At our office today, we ordered in some Asian food for lunch.

We ate together in the conference room, everyone was happy and chatting and then….”it” hit me... that God Awful taste and smell that all of a sudden consumes every single thing on my plate.

I have never known what exactly it is, in the past I guessed it was lemongrass (because that smells horrible too). I stopped eating and left w/o saying much. Afterwards, I described it to our office coordinator and she told me, "oh, that's cilantro..." Word got around the office and I could hear the office-hens in cackling with laughter as I ran down the hall to expel lunch. To a man, er I mean women, they all said they love it but some did say that their S.O. (male) couldn't stand it.

Cilantro would appear to be the female equivalent to what a cigar can do for guys… send women running! The next time I encounter this poison called cilantro, I’m lighting up a stogie and spreading the misery.

I see it’s grown in California… keep it there.