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A Story

I recentley lived in Chile for two years. The first month I was there I was presented, at a house of a native Chilean, with a very aptizing looking dish of salmon, avocado and green leafy plant that I thought to be a parsey garnish. I took a bite and nearly threw up. I quickly learned that this horrible bane was cilantro and that it was the most popular herb and flavoring ingrediant in Chile. As I often ate at peoples houses I was forced to gag my way threw many a meal not wanted to be rude. I had never heard of cilantro before in my life and didn't know anything about it. Everyone else around me loved the stuff and I was so confused about how anyone could enjoy this rancid noxious weed.
I am so glad to back in the U.S. where I am not forced to eat this devil herb. However I have learned that I cannot eat at Indian restaurants as they cover everything they make with cilantro as well.
I was so happy to learn that there are fellow cilantro hater out there and that there isnt something terribley wrong with me. I think that there must be some chemical in the plant that only some people are able to taste and most people are simply unaware about how bad it can taste to us.
Thanks so much to the starters of this website who have made me feel more normal.