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A Story

I never really thought about it tasting like soap, I just knew that I didn't like its flavour, but that I especially couldn't stand its smell. When my mom would be cutting some up, in the kitchen, the smell would make my whole face hurt - like when you have a bad sinus cold, but without the pressure. I'd have to go upstairs, and even then, I could still smell it a bit and it would make my face uncomfortable. I lived in Indonesia for a while, and Asian food generally is a big thing in our house, and growing up in Vancouver, cilantro was certainly not unheard-of.

I usually do a pretty good job of avoiding it, and a little amount doesn't really do much to me (especially if I'm not present for the preparation of the food), but our office ordered Indian food, which I like, the other day, and the rice had some cilantro in it. Urggghhhh. It wasn't in every bite, either, which just contributed to its cruel trickery. "Oh yum, this is some good rice - NOOOOO!"

Sometimes I feel bad about hating it - does it make me a white-bread eating, chain-restaurant dining, won't eat unusual or foreign food loser? I don't want to be that kind of person! I'm adventurous, I like cooking, I happily devour a variety of interesting foods and cuisines - I even taught myself to like pickles after not eating them all my life, but I just can't handle the cilantro. After all, I just used to think pickles tasted yucky - they never caused me PAIN.