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A Story

I have hated cilantro for my entire life. And if we have previous lives, those too. My parents tried to tell me it was spinach or some other herb when I was little, just so I would eat the dishes they made with it. But there was no way I could ever eat it voluntarily. It tastes like putrid Elephant poo that has been regurgitated by a albatross with yellow fever into a vat of tar mixed with sewage and the most revolting lard soap. I feel stupid and snobby sometimes when I ask for "NO cilantro, please," But really I'm not trying to be picky. I just plain DETEST cilantro. It ruins Thai, Afghani, Indian, Mexican and Peruvian cuisine for me. The downfall of the world will most likely be related to cilantro. Every last revolting piece of it should be destroyed. Countless amounts of times I have had to "skip out" on meals because of this malicious herb. I hate it so much, and no offense, but anyone who likes it should IMMEDIATLY check themselves into a pysciatric word, wrap themselves in an extra stong straightjacket and ask for a room with extra thick yellow padded walls. It would be doing a big favor to mankind and Mother Earth. I fear every time I eat that the disgusting thing will be in my food. I can't stress how much I loathe it...