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A Story

about one year ago i decided to go on a grand adventure... i decided to become an exchange studnet. i choose the country of Costa Rica beacuse i speak spanish and suppossidly the food is delicious. boy was i wrong...

i moved here about one month ago with my host family. i was very excited to try all the new foods.. and on my first day i was served up a heaping plate of declious looking rice and beans. i took one bite and resisted the urge to spit it all out. my food tasted like dish soap!! SOAP. there was soap in my food. i looked at my new family memebers to see if they had dected the soapy food disaster.. but no. they exclaimed how delicious the meal was. by means of magic i managed to choke down the rest of my meal convincing myself that the next would be better.

and once again... i was wrong. the evil green soap plant lurks in all my food here. it is the herb of the country. its in my eggs my beans my rice my soup. i cant seem to escape the horrid flavor. its been two months and there is no end in sight. my host family adores the rancid taste of cilantro. i guess i am stuck choking it down for another eight months... if i make it that long..