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A Story

It started out innocently enough. About ten years ago, the four of us were enjoying a leisurely day walking around a North Chicago neighborhood and at lunchtime we decided to stop into one of these new 'noodle' shops for a quick bite. We all ordered our version of the noodles and sat down to enjoy our meal when it started..."What's that funny taste?" my 15 year old said. My wife took a bite of his dish, wrinkled her face a bit and said to me, "try this". First of all, when my wife says 'try this', it's an absolute warning that you should clamp your mouth shut 'cuz whatever it is, you don't want it. Well, the boys are looking so I can't appear weak. I put a few noodles into my mouth and immediately say, "it tastes like pennies". Again, because my boys were there, I swallowed the stuff instead of spitting it onto the floor. I know my wife enjoyed watching me... We called the waitress over and she beamingly told us it was cilantro - wasn't it great?? We all hate it to this day and ask frequently if a dish contains it prior to ordering. Where did this damn stuff come from? It's like, all of a sudden, it was there...everywhere...